Location: Broken Hill, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: 1982






Myself and a friend heard my dog barking, like it was barking at someone. We walked out the back door and 20ft away from us was a this thing walking around. It was walking in circles like it was looking for something.


We both looked and just screamed, and it looked at us like “Yeah ok, whatever, here we go again” type of thing, and then walked off.


It was over 6ft tall and covered in a reddish brown hair. Not long hair, rather short and a bit wild. Not coarse hair, more soft.


I had eye contact with it. We were just looking at each other.


Myself and my friend ran back into the house, out the front door and down to her house.


My mind wanted to say it was a person, the other half of my brain new it wasn’t. It had brown almond shaped eyes and high eye ridges. The hair on the face was a bit lighter than the rest of the body.


It was a little hunched over. It wasn’t thin and it wasn’t over weight, it was just solid.


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