Location: Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Event: Mysterious Vocalisations

Witness: DS

Date: 2001




Hey Dean,


I am writing this email to you to tell of an experience I had back in 2001 out at Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.

I was working out at a resort as a kitchen hand, and was based there with permanent accommodation. My unit looked out directly towards Carmicheal's Crag.

On a day where my flat mate and I shared a day off together, we decided that an adventurous walk out to the Crag to do some exploring of the region would be a great way to spend the day off. We crossed mulga scrub and madeour way across a claypan that was well and truly dry, where we found small flints and grinding stones.

We left them we found them and continued on. As we got to the edge of the claypan we started to come to the base of the Crag and to the little valley that lay beyond it,which if followed, brought you to a waterfall that when dry can be climbed to get a much better view of the natural amphitheatre that you were standing in.

My flat mate ( who's name is ****** ) and I climbed this dry waterfall, when we could climb no higher we took it upon ourselves to start yelling out a Coo-ee or two as the echo sounded like I was down in the valley yelling back up at myself. It was not long after we had stopped our little song and dance, for the novelty wore off quickly,we sat down to eat our protein bars before heading back when this sound came out of the valley like none I've ever heard before in my life, or since for that matter.

The only way I can describe this sound is like this, it was two sounds at once, an almost grunting you could say but it came across like a deep oomph! oomph! oomph! but accompanying that noise was also a sound like someone was banging one of those large drums that you see in a marching band. I looked at my mate and said, ok smart a,what the hell makes a noise like that, as it truly had me perplexed as I had grown up on Harry Butler in the Wild, Malcolm Douglas, The Bush Tucker Man.

He was about as clueless as I was as to what it was, and in the nine years since that date I have thought the events and wondered whether or not we encountered a yowie that day. Which is why I wrote this email to you to see if maybe you could shed some light on the subject. I know that there were camels in the area at the time but I have heard camel calls from the occasional visit to the Kings Creek Camel Station 150klms away and it sounded nothing like a camel call.



Sincerely yours,

D***** S*****





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