Location: Yambah Station,  Northern Territory


Event: Yowie giving Chase


Date: 1987


Source: Alice Springs Advocate. 15th of Feb, 1987 - David Liddle.






A woman and her nephews have been scared away from a favorite camping spot after being chased by a Yowie.

Yowie is an Aboriginal word for a Half man - Half beast creature said to exist in the Australian bush. Similar creatures are known in North America as Bigfoot and in the Himalayas as Yeti.


Phyllis Kenny and friend Frank Burns were hunting with Phyllis' nephews when the sighting occurred about 5pm Saturday. They were driving through Yambah Station about 50km north of Alice Springs when they stopped at a favorite spot called Top Bore. The kids went to the toilet while Phyllis shared around some Kangaroo meat.


"Suddenly this thing jumped out of one of the water tanks," Phyllis said. "At first I didn't know anything about it until one of the kids screamed. This thing started walking towards the ute and I shouted to the kids to get on.


The kids in the back of the ute had a better look at it and say it was half-man half-animal. Frank just put his foot flat to the floor. It couldn't have been a large Aborigine because he would have waved and sang out to us."

Nephew Daniel Kenny said the thing looked like a Gorilla. "It was huge and was covered with hair," he said. "The hair on its head grew to its elbows and its beard reached its chest. It had a large forehead, big eyes and was red around the mouth.


The red bit couldn't have been blood 'cos you would have seen it dripping."

Daniel described the creature to be about two to three metres in height and "very fat."

"It ran after the car the way Monkeys run. It caught up and grabbed the tail of the ute and tried shaking the car. It was very strong. I noticed there were no cattle around, so it must have spooked them too."

Daniel said the creature chased the group for around 60m before it gave up.

""It didn't make any noise or speak. I had a nightmare about it on Sunday night. I don't think I'll go out bush anymore, not to that place anyway."


Phyllis said no one had been drinking alcohol. "We usually take a few beers with us, but not when the kids are with us," she said.


When the group arrived in town Phyllis contacted the Police but received a negative response. "They said they were too busy in town to go chasing monkeys in the bush."











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