Location: Beerwah (Delaney's Creek), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1997



Three local builders were driving in the forest back in 1997.

They were just up from Delaney's Creek on a rough four wheel drive track when they were going very slow up this steep hill, and one of the builders looked out the back of the car and saw a tall Hairy man with no clothes on walk out of the bush and across the track behind the car.

About a week or two later a fellow that was working on the same construction site as these builders was jogging along a track in the same bushland as he always used to do and he noticed something rustling in the bush beside him.

He turned and looked to see where the sounds were coming from and saw a big hairy ape jogging along at about 45 degrees behind and beside him just out of view and inside the tree line.

He saw the yowie, it then saw that it had been spotted, and ran off into the bush.

He ran all the way home and doesn't jog in that place anymore.






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