Location: Charters Towers, Queensland


Event: Yowie Attack


Date of Sighting: April 29, 1979


Date of report: Unknown


Source: Newspaper of unknown origin


Witness: Michael Mangan (Suicided some years later)






The historic old goldmining town of Charters Towers, long renowned for its glass bottles and goats, may now be become famous for it’s little hairy men.


The reported sighting of a half-man half-ape on the 100m lonely Towers Hill have been the talking point for the past two weeks in local Hotels, hairdressing salons and homes.


While the demon reporters have left in their wake a series of public debates between believers and disbelievers, they could attract tourists and could be the best thing to happen for Charters Towers, 130km West of Townsville, since its gold mining days.


The town was talking recently when a young Charters Towers man told Police he was attacked by a small hairy man on Towers Hill late one night.


Police found the youth running wildly down Rainbow Rd, which leads to the hill parking spot, about 3km from the Towns shopping Centre. The officer in charge of the Charters Towers Police, Sgt. Gill Engler, said when the youth was interviewed by Police he had blood on his leg which was not his own.


The youth who raised the alarm, Michael Mangan 19, was ashen-faced and upset when he rushed into the Police Station.



Michael Mangan




He described the thing as about 1 metre tall, and covered in black hair. The incident came after months of sightings on the hill by Michael and his friends.


Michael said that he had first seen one of the small hairy men about six months ago. “I was parked on the hill with my girlfriend one night,” he said. “I looked across to the passenger side of the car and saw a black hairy face at the window.


It was awful. The face was small and drawn back like that of an ape. We both screamed. I started the car to get out of the place and the thing raised its hand and smashed the passenger side window.”


He said that he got out of the area “in a hurry” and had no intention of returning to the area at night.


It was not until one of his friends told him about a similar sighting that he gathered a group together to search at night for the creature.











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