Location: Canungra, Queensland

Event: Yowie Encounter

Date:  1998

Source: Email to AYR






"Don't go it alone!"

I was on an old 4WD track in my Patrol late at night during a camping trip down past Canungra towards Nerang.

I was going along fine until I became bogged. I turned off the engine and grabbed my torch and walked around the vehicle to access my situation. After shoving a couple of logs under the wheels and locking the hubs, I turned off my torch and walked over to a tree (call of nature).

I heard a scream in the distance and thought it was a Koala or Possum or something. But it became very loud and very deep VERY quickly. I thought "sh*t there are some loonies out here tonight, I better disappear before they cause me trouble."


I quickly walked back to my 4WD and got in. Just as I closed the door, there was this rumbling deep screaming noise that scared the living you know what out of me.


Right then, there was this bang at the rear of my car. A real loud noise like another car had run up the back of me.

There was this horrible smell too, I thought maybe there was a dead kangaroo! On the side of the road, but it was revolting, I quickly turned my key and started the engine,  I turned on my spotlights, I have spotlights facing all directions, front rear and sides.

As soon as the engine roared to life and the spotlights lit up the bush, another deafening scream was heard. I knew the 4WD track as I've been up there before, I flicked it into 4WD and got the hell out of there as fast as I could.  With all my spotlights on, and music blaring.

As soon as I got back to the camping grounds I thought stuff this and grabbed all my gear and left.

When I got home, I inspected the back of the 4WD - 2 big dints in the rear, I thought maybe I was just scared of a wild pig or something, but I can tell you know, that scream wasn't a wild pig.

I haven't been up that track again, since my encounter I have heard of other people running into similar problems, but they won't discuss it in detail, they just say they saw a strange animal they haven't seen before if you ever go  4 wheel driving don't ever GO IT ALONE.


This is my story, it is true, but I don't want to give my email or details in case I'm looked at like a loony, I'm glad I found your site so I could at least tell someone.








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