Location: Canungra, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1991

Time: Night




I was coming home from training (Martial Arts), and I was driving down a hill that comes into Canungra which I did every night for years. On this particular night I was driving down the steep road and I came around a bend and I saw this really large and bizarre looking creature bent over, kind of crouching near a tree. In the headlights I could see it quite clearly.


It wasn’t a sharp bend in the road, it was quite a long bend, so I had plenty of time to slow down. I slowed down because I didn’t really know what I was looking at. I was crawling by the time I got to it. Maybe 10 or 15km per hour. It was almost like I was in a trance. I was half trying to make out what it was and half s*&tting myself. Besides what I was seeing, the bizarre thing for me and what stood out the most was the scream. The scream it let out as my car came up beside it. Then a bunch of Hare’s (Rabbits) flew across the road in front of me. It was like they must have been sitting in the gutter beside the road. It wasn’t a growl this thing let off, it was a scream which made it more bizarre.


This thing didn’t move. It was almost like a Kangaroo in the spotlights. I had a good look at it. When I went passed I was only 5m away. It was fully visible.


It was crouched down, hunched and bent over from the waist almost like having its hands touching the ground. I had a Toyota back then and it was a fairly small car. This thing wouldn’t have been much taller than the car in that crouching position. Its arms were hanging down and one hand looked like it was holding something in it.


It was a huge thing and all hairy. The width was huge and it was not human. It had a really large head, hairy all over, longish black hair but not overly long. Huge arms and legs. Very muscular. Sunk in snubbed nose. The shape of the body was ape like. It looked like a really large muscular ape, but the head wasn’t ape like at all. The head was bat like. I say bat because of the pushed in nose.


When I was coming down the road it was side on to me beside the tree, but as I was approaching it turned face on. I slowed down so much I was almost at a stop, then it let out that scream as I was next to it and at least 10 rabbits shot out across the road. The scream was blood curdling.



[Message left for his mother in 1991 - still kept to this day]


When I got home, my mother was asleep so I left her a note about what I had seen. The next day I left a Report at the Police Station. I’ve never camped out there since. I’m a big camper and we camped out there all the time. I wouldn’t camp out there now. It’s nothing I really speak about to people.





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