Location: Enogerra Creek (Mt Nebo Road), Queensland


Event: Audible


Date: July 1979




Myself and a friend were standing in front of our campfire, when all of a sudden there were two extremely loud screaming yells from the bush about ten meters away.


The screams came from the other side of the creek were we had our camp. These screaming yells are hard to describe, they were very high pitched and lasted about four or five seconds each, I remember two distinct screams.


If I could describe the sound the screams made it would be yaaaawaaa  yaaaawaa.


The thing that got me scared, was how loud they were, you could hear them echo of the hills. I have tried to recreate the sound with my own voice, but found it impossible.


The screams were the only sounds we heard, and we didn’t see anything.
We had already spent one night at the location. The area were we camped is a two hour hike from the nearest main road, and in a water catchment area which is closed to public access. We were illegally camped by the creek.


I would also like to add that we were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As far as I am aware, I haven’t heard of any incidents in that exact location, however the area is part of a long mountain range were there has been sightings of so called yowies.

I would like to add that the only other people I have told about this is a few close relatives and friends. And that after twenty years of hiking and camping since that night, I have never heard any bush sounds remotely similar.


 I hope this information is helpful to you, maybe somebody out there has heard similar screams.










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