Location: Eagle Heights

Event: Yowie Noise

Date: 1995

Time: 11pm

Witness: Dean Harrison




I was working on the Gold Coast at the time and arrived home (74 Kinabalu Drive) at 11pm.



The property is on a downward decline, with the house and front carport being on poles. At the back perimeter is a wire fence and beyond that is a swampy rainforest type terrain that you wouldn’t try to walk through. You would want a set of high gumboots and a very strong reason to put yourself in it (as it was back in 1995).


I left my car in the carport and heard a horrible commotion down below in the swamp, close to the back wire fence. I walked through the front gate and half way down the path towards the front door of the house and stopped.


The noise was nothing I had ever heard before. Whatever it was, it was clearly very big and very angry.


It was making horrible guttural grunts. Some longer than others. They were angry grunts and it was combined with other indistinguishable angry noises that were simply – ungodly (as it seemed to me at the time). The noise was ghastly. One thing that made it obvious he was big was the vocal capacity, the other was the weight of it as it stomped around the swamp in a bipedal fashion. Ok, so it’s on two legs and its heavy and it makes a menacing noise. Next, it begins ripping out foliage and saplings from the ground and throwing them through the air. I could hear the roots lifting out of the earth, the plants (or whatever) being flung through the air and hitting other trees before landing back on the ground with a thud. Right, so now it makes a menacing noise, likes of which were sending chills down my spine, it was big and bipedal, its angry and obviously had two hands because it had the ability to rip small trees out of the ground and throw them – for no particular reason – all in unhospitable terrain that you wouldn’t want to walk through during the day – let alone at night.



That pretty much ruled out any native Australian Animal I was aware of, and no rational person would dare suggest to be human. My mind said ERROR 404 – FILE NOT FOUND. But whatever it was, it was obvious it wasn’t good and presented danger, and it sounded like a nasty type of danger. If it had an issue with foliage, I’m sure I would have been in for worse trouble.


I had two choices. One was to get my flashlight and bravely head down to the swamp for more answers, or the other was to listen to the voice in my head that told me to go inside and lock the door because you really don’t need to know. I chose the latter. I know it may sound strange, but it sounded like something you just didn’t want to see.


The next day, I quizzed my neighbours who were long tern residents. They had never heard anything strange before, and so after time it was pushed to the back of my mind as a simple memory.


It wasn’t until 2 years later, that my suspicions were confirmed.






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