Location: Glass House Mountains, Queensland

Event: Footprint Find

Date: 2003





I spoke to you a little while ago about some foot prints my daughter and I found up near the "Glass House Mountains", in QLD. I'll just refresh your memory.

They were about 1km in, on a fire trail at the bass of the, "Twin Peaks". The nearest map reference I can give you is, using the " Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast street directory", is Sunshine Coast map 135 ; Co:- C ;10. About where Old Gympie Rd ,& Eaton Rd connect, there is a locked steel gate at the entrance to this fire trail.

Anyway, about 1km in on this trail is where we came across these very large footprints. They were about twice the size of my size "9" foot, which would make them roughly 20 inch long, give or take an inch, and they were roughly 9 inches across the heel There was a distinct impression of a big toe," a bloody very big toe", to go with a bloody big foot! It had been raining a lot at the time, and the prints were in the soft sand at a bend in the track.

The rain had washed the edges of the prints, but you could easily see that they were footprints. There were a lot of them, and they were all in a 10 meter stretch of the track. Approx 25 to 30 prints in all, going in all directions.

Well I've been back there a number of times since, for long periods at a time, but I haven't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, apart from a thud in the bush close to me. It sounded like a large rock hitting the ground, but I couldn't be certain, because the bush is so thick.

I did have a look around in the general area from where the thud came from about 3 to 5 meters to my right, but, like I said the scrub is thick. I couldn't see anything that I could say was deliberately thrown haven't given up yet though!

I will keep on looking. I might move around to the other side of the mountain and have a bit of a look. I was thinking that maybe he/she was just passing through. That may be why I haven't found any more evidence of something living out there. I have covered a lot of ground, but unless I was to walk right on top of something, I'd probably miss it.

It's just so thick. I'm trying to get the courage up to do an over nighter, walking around out there. I'm just a bit put off because I'm alone. Funny isn't it !

Up until just before Christmas it never bothered me being alone in the scrub at night, in fact I loved it!!!! Now I seem to have a few "what if's ", in the back of my mind. Anyway

Dean, I thought I'd just keep you up to date. If anything happens in the future, I'll be sure to let you know mate.

Cheers! Darren.






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