Location: Glenbar, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July, 2016

Time: 8.20pm

[Female Witness on her P Plates at the time]





I had two sightings in a week along the same road (Heading south from Boompa along the Brooweena – Woolooga Road).


I left work at Boompa at approximately 8pm. I had to watch out for cows on the road until I got to the dirt patch. It was there that I saw a very large and muscular, orangey brown creature run across the road about 20 to 30 metres in front of me. It scared the living hell out of me. I had a dog with me who also wasn’t very happy about what we saw. I leant over and locked the passenger side and drivers side doors, I was driving a ute.


Then a week later (again leaving work at 8pm and driving along the same back road), not more than 50 metres away from where I saw the first one, there was another one, about a foot taller, standing on the right hand side of the road.


You can’t drive very fast on that section of road because it’s not level, so I was doing 60kmph with the doors locked (because of the previous sighting), and as I got up to it, it was looking at me directly in the eyes. As I got right beside it, it was looking at me and gave off this horrifying yell, and as I went passed it, it chased me for about 2 or 3 steps before letting out another yell.


It was horrifying. I came home rambling and crying. It was very very scary. My dog was whimpering as well.




First Sighting:


I left work at 8pm. Drove for about 20 minutes. It’s all open cattle properties. Once you get to the dirt part of the road, its bush on both sides of the road.


It came out from the right side of the road at about 20 or 30 metres in front of me. It was just over 6ft tall. It had a very broad head and not much of a neck that went onto very large solid shoulders. It had very large hands and arms. The hair was dirty and wiry looking. I could clearly see where its back went down to its buttocks and went onto very muscular legs, like a body builders legs. The hair was a browny orangey colour, but darker than an orangutan and it was 2 to 3” long. The hair length varied in certain places.


The arm’s length reached down to its knees.


As where we have a rounded head, it had what looked like a crest that came up the back, like an apes head.


It was side on when it ran across the road. It went up the hill into the bush. I didn’t see any eye shine because it was side on.


Because of how the excavator had pushed all the dirt up on the sides of the road, I think it was already coming down it and had to keep going and get up the other side or I would hit it.





Second Sighting One Week Later


It was at the same time, same road and only 50m away from the first sighting.


I had my doors locked due to the last time. At about 10 metres distance I saw on the right hand side of the road, a creature that looked very similar to the first one, but about a foot and a half taller and with more muscle. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, even while driving on a dangerous road, it had me so shocked with fear that I couldn’t look away.


As I got close to it, it let off that horrible scream/yell. It sent shivers down my spine and pretty much sent me into tears. I was that scared.


It had a deep yellow/green coloured eyes. It had a dark leathery face. It had a wide flat nose. A deep set lips and jaw. It let off that yell and I tried to speed up to get passed it and it took 2 or 3 very large running steps after the ute and let off another menacing yell. I drove up over a crest and around a corner.


It was like it was waiting for me. It had come down off the embankment and was standing on the right hand side of the road like it was waiting for me. It was standing with its arms down to its side. It almost looked like a bouncer on a door. It looked like it was waiting for something to happen.


I quit work a month later because I was too scared to drive on that road.


It was 7ft tall and bigger than the first one in muscle and size. It looked chunkier. It was the same colour. Hair was the same length. The face was very dark and leathery looking and had large eye ridge. It had green yellowy eyes, which to me looked very menacing. The nose was wide and flat. The mouth came out like an ape or monkey, like a muzzle. It didn’t have much facial hair. The hair was longer underneath its chin than it did anywhere else. Comparing it to a human age, I would say it looked like a 30 or 40 year old man. The first one would have been 10 years younger.


Ape/human/Neanderthal – it was like someone got all three of them and pushed them together. It had features from all three.


I could see light coming from the eyes before the headlights hit it. They self-illuminated.


It had an angry face, like when you’re warning someone off. When I came up right beside it, it would have been only 2 or 3ft from the driver’s side door. That’s when it yelled and threw its arms up in the air. It was a low guttural noise. The first one when I was next to it was quite short, but the second one when I went passed it was a lot longer. It was like a mock charge and it threw its arms up about parallel with its shoulders and reaching out towards the car. The hands were like leathery ape hands.


It was horrifying. After I went passed it, I was shaking and I went over scenarios in my head of what could have happened and I was crying. My dog was whimpering and had jumped down off the seat and was trying to get under the seat. I made a shocked noise when I first saw it, and she normally likes looking out the windscreen and when she saw it was when she started cowering and whimpering.


I have been driving that back road with my mother ever since I was a kid. Up until then, I always took that back road and I always felt comfortable on it. Now I avoid it at all times.



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