Location: Mt. Glorious, Queensland
Event: Vocal and Movement
Date: 1990/1


My name is Patrick and when I was in grade 8 or 9  I went with a friend and his parents to Mt Glorious for the day and we ended up walking along a track that I presume was access only for rangers as it was blocked by a steel pole.

My friend Guy and I let them go ahead as we found a vine hanging down from a tree and began using it to swing over the track/road. The area we were actually in eludes me to this day but it sloped down from the track and went into dense bush.
After swinging and mucking around for approx 20 mins we both heard a strange growl coming from below the track we were on. We had no idea what it was but at the time we thought it was like a moo from cow but with a bit of Chewbacca from star wars mixed in. Definitely deep and throaty and sounded quite large. We began to throw rocks towards the area the sound came from and continued to do so for a few minutes.


We heard the sound again and began to walk in the direction of Guy's parents. We could hear this thing walking through the bush and I distinctly remember it was bipedal as it sounded like a heavy man walking.

All this time we never saw a thing but it seemed to be not very far from us in fact only a stones throw away and it was almost remaining parallel with us the whole time.

We both got a bit freaked out because it was following so we started to run along the track to catch up with his parents. They were at least a kilometere ahead of us by this time and we never heard anymore heavy crashing or unusual deep growls again. Guys father said it must have been a deer and we took that as a perfectly reasonable explanation.
Years later I became interested in the paranormal and cryptozoology and came across a Youtube entry of a man in the USA who recorded what he believed was a sasquatch, my skin turned to Goosebumps straight away as it was a deadset ringer for what I had heard all those years ago. I have been meaning to send this to you for years but it kept slipping my mind and I had also travelled overseas.
I hope you find this interesting and please feel free to use on your website if you feel it has merit, totally your choice. I have enjoyed your site and still am fascinated by the mystery of the yowie.

I have not seen Guy since 1992 so have not had the chance to ask him if he remembers this at all.
Patrick W*******





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