Location: Mt Glorious, Queensland


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: April, 2010


Terrain: Thick virgin Rainforest






Hi Dean,


My mate David.C., and myself, took off from Brisbane for the afternoon to do a rainforest bush walk at Mt Glorious (as David had never visited the area before).


It was a cool Autumn day up at Mt Glorious, with the air slightly brisk at times.


We undertook a return walk in the National Park. We started the walk around 4:40pm and reached the falls by 5:20pm (passing a couple of people returning to the car park on the way). On the way down to the falls we noted a strange smell in the area, an almost smoky smell crossed with some sort of animal urine which was peculiar. We waited around and explored the falls/creek a bit before returning on the track back to the car pack...racing to beat the fading light as the sun had now set (departing the falls at around 5:35pm).



Within 300 meters of the falls on the dark rainforest track, I was typing an SMS text message on my mobile phone when my mate David spotted a dark human shaped figure walk across the walking track about 10 meters ahead.



I totally missed the sighting, but David was sure what he had seen was someone or something rapidly moving across the track from one side of the forest to the other. He went into a panic mode about what he had seen and explicitly stressed that there was definitely someone/something there. He claimed the dark figure was roughly the size of the human being, and completely dark moving at an accelerated rate.



We examined the area where he sighted the anomaly and peered his key ring LED torch as well as the light of my phone into the rainforest... there was absolutely no sign of anything there and or no sounds. With a worrying thought of some sort of rogue creature running around in the forest, we pushed on as fast as we could back for the car when we arrived at it on absolute Dusk at 6:15pm.



What makes me sure what David saw was not a human, is we were the last people to leave the walking track. We had seen no other people in the area where we were, and we were the last car at the car park when we got back. No other human would be lurking around off the rainforest track, down towards the falls area (which is extremely remote) and right on dark (by themselves)!


What ever this sighting was, it sure scared my mate David and brought up my attention and senses.


Cheers Anthony.



P.S: I attached a couple of photos of the general terrain and vegetation of the area of the sighting (these photos were taken roughly 45minutes before the sighting occurred, when there was still sufficient light).


I also attached a link to a way point I marked on my GPS on the first 1/3 of the rainforest track.













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