Location: Springbrook, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan, 1978

Source: Goldcoast Bulletin. 15th of Jan, 1978



The Gold Coast Hinterlands mysterious Yowie has been seen again at Springbrook - the second sighting within two months.

An excited holidaymaker said yesterday: "It was horrible. A great big hairy beast, about 10ft tall, with no neck and giving off a terrible smell."

The woman, who at first didn't want to be named, when pressed said reluctantly: "Call me Helen Smith?.I'm from Sydney."

Miss Smith, 23, said she had been with a boy friend to see the Antarctic Beeches at Springbrook and the sunrise from the 'best of all lookout.' It was growing dark as they returned through the forest when they suddenly heard a crashing sound in the jungle undergrowth.

"We though it was a Wallaby at first," she said. "Then we saw this??this thing! If I had of been in Africa I might have thought it was a Gorilla. In the American Rockies it could have been a Bear. But really it was none of those things.

It seemed to lumber alone crabwise and made funny deep grunting noises. It was hard to see its face, but it was flat."








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