Location: Springbrook, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan, 1982




Miss. Smith and her boyfriend sighted a Yowie in the forest at Springbook's "Best of all lookout" at dusk, while holidaying from Sydney. They described a noise crashing through the undergrowth of the bush, and thought at first it may have been a Wallaby until they actually saw it.

Miss Smith (23 at the time), said the animal appeared to lumber along the crabwise making a deep grunting noise, and although it was hard to see its face, they said it was certainly flat. The didn't seem to be a prominent nose, but its eyes had a "wicked gleam" and it stood around 10' tall.

" We just froze, we were scared stiff. Then it made off deeper into the jungle and we became aware of this awful sickly smell."

Miss Smith and her friend were silent on their sighting for some time due to a fear of ridicule, they thought "People would think we're crazy" she states.

This report was only months after the sighting by 20 Southport High School students and their teachers while on a School camp. Bill O'Chee was one of the witnesses who came forward in that incident.







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