Location: Springwood, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: July, 1997


Terrain: Thick Bush






Friend of a Wiitness telling us the story: At around midnight and after a few beers, they decided to go for a walk. They walked down a wide track trough the bush with their torch's off for atmosphere, and as they were walking they could hear some leaves rustling up ahead.


The man with the torch turned it on to see a large ape like creature "swing" out of a tree onto their path, then stood upright. Both the creature and the men were as startled as each other.


The men jumped, turned and ran towards camp and as they were running they could hear the huge creature running away in the opposite direction.


When they got back to their site, they packed up as quickly as possible and got out of there. This was the first experience of a Yowie for all of the men who had lived in the surrounding mountains for a long time.












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