Location: Miriam Vale, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April 24, 2012

Time: 12pm




Hi Dean,


A friend and I were travelling home after work for 2 weeks. About 15minutes prior to our sighting we were livened up by a large dog running across the road in front of the car which came as a bit of a shock but not as much a shock as what we were about to see.

We came to an intersection between Fingerboard Rd and Tableland Rd, then turned right onto Tableland Rd.

After the 2nd floodway crossing which appears to be the same creek divided further up we seen what can only be described as a large primate like creature on the right hand side of the road hunched over something with its back facing us. Both of us at the same time let out a big "what the ___ was that"? We had both seen it. "what did you see"? Was thrown between us a few times and Josh agreed with every detail I said.

Primate like shape, broad shoulders to what appeared had very little neck just a large head, thick black matted hair and at least the height of the Maloo Ute we were travelling in even while it was squatting over something. May have been some road kill as allot of kangaroos get hit on the back roads there.

I have stood face to face with a piece of glass separating a male silverback gorilla at Sydney's Taronga Zoo and myself but this creature looked much larger.

People who I have told ask "where you on drugs, how tired were you", the answer is no and I was well awake after nearly hitting that dog and the strangest of things is both Josh and I were stunned at the same time as sighting what we believe is a yowie. We have revisited the site in daylight on our travels now first expecting to see a burnt tree stump but nothing in that area could have confused us with what we seen.

For a start the yowie had black hair which was matted. This makes me think that it must have reasonably long hair. I would say hunched over it would have been around 5ft tall. Making it at least 6.5ft standing upright. The body was a solid build, a straight figure from the shoulders down. The shoulders looked muscular due to their width and curvature but I was not able to look for long enough to tell if the whole body was muscular through it thick hair.

I think it was eating something to make it look hunched over, but I'm not 100% sure though as it had its back to us. It would not have even been 10metres from the car as it was on the edge of the road where it was cleared from the scrub.

The yowie did not even have a reaction to the car, unless it did once we had passed.

If only I could take the image from my mind and replay it to you and others people would realise what we had seen. It's funny, the same old saying 'don't believe till you see it.'



C. R.







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