Location: Daisy Hill, Queensland

Event: Yowie Encounter

Date: June, 1999




After a couple of recent reports from the Redland Bay area of South East Queensland, I decided to research an easily accessible forest close to where the sightings occurred. At this time, there were reports that 1/3 of the Koala population had suddenly vanished from this location, which was widely debated on the News.


As I drove into the area I was immediately surrounded by what I considered, familiar signs.


The first thought that came to me was that I have not seen such broken up bush land since Researching areas of the Blue Mountains in previous years. I was surrounded by literally hundreds of snapped trees in every direction, ranging from small trees to 4-5” thick. Trees had been up rooted and there were what looked like wood stack markers as far as the eye can see. The ground between the trees was extremely well trodden.


While examining many of the markers, I discovered a make shift shelter made of stacked branches and leaves, this is unusual and still has me in two minds. I then discovered a Tee-Pee style wood stack, similar to what we have found many times before in differing active areas. Besides the wood stack was a large amount of Scat, almost Human looking. It was placed in a specimen bag and put in the car.

Almost every tree that could be broken, was. All snapped at around 6’ high. There were many stacks of wood placed on branches of other trees and logs and also leaning against trees. All the spare wood in the forest was put to use.


As I walked a good way along the track into the forest, I suddenly heard the sound of two feet abruptly stopping about 30 Metres to my right and on the high side of the track. I saw in an opening below the shrubs, two dark patches that resembled thick dark brown legs from the shins down.


That area was very thick and I knew that the sound wasn\'t as heavy compared to the footsteps of the 7’ variety that we had been accustom to. I considered the possibility that it may have been a Kangaroo, I decided to walk on, curious to see if it followed.


Sure enough, parting of the bushes and something pushing its way through, continued to follow me at a 45-degree angle on my right. I reached a T intersection of the dirt track and turned left, away from the noise. It then crossed the track to my left and continued pushing its way through at a 45 degree angle.


It seemed to be moving with deliberate action. When I stopped, it also stopped.


The second last plan was to now turn back and see if it would also change direction and continue to followed me - sure enough it did. Now all my senses were alert. Bipedal, 45 degrees and then the 180 degree change in direction. I was most certainly being followed.


I went back to the T section and listened.


I could hear gentle placement of feet and parting of foliage slowly coming towards me and then it stopped.


The last plan was to whistle    (predominately to annoy it).   After 30 seconds of gentle whistling, it again began it’s approach. The placement of feet was obvious, then all the branches and leaves started to be pushed aside, it then became faster towards me as it came closer. Faster and faster, footsteps, branches, leaves and faster again, it was coming at me. It was now running in a direct path pushing the small trees out of its way. I could see the tops of the trees swaying back and forth and coming at me, fast.


I back peddled quickly and grasped a small log for defense, dropped it, then double-timed it in reverse back down the track towards the car.

As I came to a semi clearing \"IT\" stopped just at the edge of the clearing.


I saw the bottoms of its legs initially. It was definitely following. Stopped when I did. Changed directions as I did. It was on two feet and able to push foliage aside when running at me.








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