Location: Daisy Hill

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August 2013





I decided to go bushwalking with my daughter. She\'s nearing two so I figured I\'d let her go \"exploring with Daddy\".


Most of the time I was carrying her, but occasionally I\'d let her have a wander around, touching grass, general toddler things. I\'d say we were about 50m away from the fork that goes from the Tree Discovery Trail to the Spotted Gum trail when my daughter goes nuts and starts pointing into the bush and going \"OOH!\" and \"Uh oh!\". Now, to you folks this probably means nothing, but to me, this means she\'s seen something I haven\'t and is trying her best to get me to look at it too. I had a look in the direction she was pointing and thought it\'s probably going to be a \'roo or something along those lines.


Far from it.


About 100m into the scrub there was a retreating figure. It wasn\'t retreating quickly.. almost like \"my cover\'s been blown, better find a new vantage point\". I couldn\'t exactly dump my tot on the ground and sprint after it so we stood there and watched it walk away. It probably went another 100m in and to the left. Which would bring it to a position to view us perfectly as we would walk back to the car. I pointed in the general direction it headed and said \"Yowie!\". She looked at me, responded with \"wee?\" and shook her head.


We walked back to the car, going the same way out as we went back in, and sure enough it followed us about 100m on the right hand side at about a 45 degree angle. Now this is where it gets weird(er). All this time walking back, my daughter was garbling on like a mad thing at the hominid in question. I could tell because when I stopped, she would keep garbling on and when it would stop moving (I could audibly hear footsteps/twigs & branches snapping), she would stop talking.


Second we got going again, and it would follow, she would keep on chattering on like there was no tomorrow. I heard the occasional whistle and almost like an amplified \"woof\" sound coming from the direction of the yowie as she was garbling at it, pointing and at one point laughing. I\'ve read stories in the past where hominids find children interesting and fun.


So, my assumption was whilst I wanted to get back to the car to grab a camera, she wanted to stay and play with her new friend.


We got to the car and as I was strapping her in, she stopped garbling and just kept staring at a particular spot in the scrub/bushland. I had a look myself and couldn\'t see a thing so whatever it was had either buggered off, or was keeping low and observing.



Observations on visual encounter:


At first glance, I would say it was about 7~8ft tall. Hunched shoulders with brownish-gray fur/hair. Its stride changed depending on the terrain. I watched it lightly step over a fallen tree. It didn\'t seem startled at all by us. More curious than anything else.


Had a particular interest in my daughter, wasn\'t phased by me (or so it seemed that way). The way it followed us wasn\'t in a threatening manner. Well, I should say, I didn\'t feel that \"oshi-\" moment of fear at all. More of a calm \"move along, just do your thing and I’ll do mine\" kind of vibe.


It was too far away to observe any distinct facial features. About the only thing I noticed was the sloping brow-line when it turned away to move off.







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