Location: Howard, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: February, 2007

Time: Afternoon




Myself, my mother and cousin rode our horses to an area where we had found a strange footprint which we were making a cast of. It was in an area where all the trees had been snapped at about 5ft high and plants pulled out of the ground.


We had run out of water so I rode my horse to the closest water hole that was about 300m away. I filled the bottle up when I heard a really weird noise.



I put my foot in the stirrup and the horse kept spinning around. I finally got on and as he spun one more time and right there up against a tree about 15m away, was this little black ape-like creature. It was hugging the tree. If the horse didn’t spin around that one more time I wouldn’t have seen it.



It was side onto the tree and hard up against it, but its face was looking towards me. It had its hands up near its face.



It made two noises before I saw it, but was totally silent when I stopped to look at it. It was still. Just standing there.


I went into a gallop and went back to Mum. I said I saw it. A baby one. She asked where the water is, and before she could say anything else, I turned around and headed back for it.



I found the saddle bags on the trail. My horse just stopped. It was unlike him. I kicked him up into a walk and he was extending his legs into really extended movements. We got to the saddle bags and he was looking to his right, so I looked towards what he was looking at and here is this big massive Ape, basically. It was really tall and lanky but it had a massive chest. It was standing in the scrub and it had its arms out, so it looked like a tree. It was looking at me.


The eyes were the size of 20 cent coins and they were jet black, and they felt like they were drilling a hole through you. It was fluffy between the eyes, but no hair around the eyes. No hair around its mouth, but two really white teeth over its bottom lip. It was black with brown bits in its hair.



I mounted the horse really slowly with the water and it let its arms down by its side, turned front on and looking at me. It was about 8 – 9ft tall and it was 4ft wide. It had massive arms.



As we took off there was this massive crashing behind me like it was chasing me and I was in tears by the time I got back to mum. I said I just saw another one and this one was BIG.



As we rode out, the horses were playing up. As we got into the clearing, we looked back and the big one was just standing there leaning up against the trunk of the tree, watching us as we rode passed.


It was similar to an ape, but it was more upright like a human. It had a rounded head from what I could gather, but it had no neck what so ever. Really tall.



It didn’t move. It just stood there watching us as we rode off.



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