Location: Weyba Downs (5 mins South of Noosa), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: October, 2016

Time: 1pm



I was driving along Noosa-Eumundi Road, just past the dump. It’s all very scrubby along there, very foresty. I turned left at the round-about and rove about 1km. As I’m driving I’m looking into the thick bush.


I saw a figure in the bush walking to opposite way to what I was driving. It wasn’t like your 8ft type Bigfoot or anything like that, it was more my height, about 6ft or something like that. It was definitely all covered in hair. It had a thick brow, which was the main thing that stuck out to me.



The hair on my arms stood on end. I flew up to the next round-about and flew straight back and rove really slowly looking for it. I know what I saw. Either it was a guy in a suit walking through the bush or I saw a Yowie. It was walking really casually like it didn’t give a fk. I was doing between 65-80km/hr and it wasn’t hiding, it was just in there walking.


It was dark brown, almost black. Like a dark charcoal colour.






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