Location: Wauchope, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Footprints / Sighting

Date: ca.1980 




Hi Dean,

I stumbled upon you website via your YouTube page. I have watched a few of you audio clips and your footage of your expeditions. I felt I needed to share this information about my Great Grandfather’s logging company and the details to Yowie evidence in the form of foot prints, which was recorded and published in a magazine, which my father has a copy of, of which he shared with me recently when we were looking at some of my grandfathers, Johns old things, belongings. As both me and my father had never met John, my grandfather.

After seeing your work in trying to consolidate all the Yowie information from around Australia I felt I needed to share this information about a crew of big tuff woodsmen huddle together so closely that they might as well be hugging each other.

The information here is only a short part of a larger article about my great grandfathers logging business, but I believe it holds weight as none have ever spoken poorly of my grandfather or my great grandfather. I have only ever heard great things about both men.

As I had never meet these men, I was quite very intrigued by the information being relayed to me, through my father, about them.


Then we found this…


Well, when I had found it, my father, having worked for the company doing his apprenticeship there when he was 17, he already knew this story well as I believe the fellows that were huddled so tightly together, we’re no longer working there but the story rang through according to my father there used to be jokes with the new blokes that came to work about Yowies being out in the bush and not to stray too far from the log site when taking a dump, haha, I laughed. As a log site is often referred to as a dump site.


So, don’t stray from the dump site to take your dump, was the motto.

I digress, though it’s only a small amount of information, with first hand recounts of the tomfoolery surrounding the jokes for the newcomers, from my father. I think it’s yet another great story of the existence of these amazing creatures.


I’ll upload the magazine covers, and the article where my great uncle recounts the story of a 6 toed, half a metre long with a 3 metre gate footprints, that a crew of workers found in the bush that surrounds Wauchope nsw.


M. Slater








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