Location: Roma, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 25th July, 2018

Time: 2am



I was travelling from Victoria to visit my Son in Townsville. I was driving at 40kmph due to all the small grey Kangaroo’s along the road and I’m rather mindful of wildlife because there isn’t a lot of respect for them on the outback roads. You want to be able to drive slow and let them pass.


I started to go through a little forested area. When I look back on the map, there is a forested area around there. About 35 to 30kms out of Roma, there’s a small forested area and then a larger forested area. When I put in my initial Report I said 15 to 20kms, but when I look back on the map, I could have in fact been there.


The tree line dropped to the left and slightly elevated to the right. I had my high beam on and you could see quite a distance along the road. I looked ahead and I though that’s a different colour for a Roo, because it was quite dark and big. Where I come from in Victoria we do get quite large Roo’s. I slowed right down, and as I’m coming closer it just like, stood up, and it was staring at me. When I’m getting closer I see it is an auburn colour and shiny and it just standing there staring at me like a Roo would, and I’m thinking what is that? (I had a condition where my senses shut down and I didn’t feel there fear until days later).


It was very hairy. I couldn’t actually see its face because the hair was about 10 to 15cm long all over. It was like a junior, it gave the appearance as something younger. I had slowed down to about 15kmph to have a good look at it.


Just after, I thought I should stop and take a photo of this, and then I thought if this is a junior one, then oh my gosh maybe it has others around. Then I felt it was just the wrong thing to do. I had driven up the road past it and I thought should I turn around and go back and take a photo… (but didn’t). It was extraordinary. It was so beautiful. It was an amazing creature.


It just stood there looking. It didn’t move from side to side, it didn’t run, it just stood there looking towards me. I didn’t see any facial features, so I’m thinking it may have had its head down or something. There was a dead Roo on the side of the road and I’m thinking maybe it was eating it?


I would have had it in my sights for at least 50 seconds because I had slowed right down. I remember thinking it was just so amazing, just absolutely incredible. It confirms that it does exist and what I saw was real and I was blessed to be able to see it.


About 500m up the road there was a small wounded Roo. It seemed to have been hit by a car, as the side of its face was hanging out. I felt I needed to stop and help it, but there was no way in hell I was getting out of my car because I’m not far from where ‘it’ was. About 4kms up the road I saw a truck coming the other way and I thought that may put it out of its misery.


What I saw about 4-1/2 to 5ft tall. When it was facing me, the little dead Roo was just to the right of its body. It was standing just on the ridge of the road, to the right of the edge of the road. When I was looking out through the window I had a very good view, within 2 metres away, very close. Its hair was 5” or 4” long. The arms were long. The wrists were slightly bent with palms facing back.


I was wondering if it was eating the Roo and just stood up.


For the next 3 or 4 days my body was numb. I started looking on the internet searching around and thought oh that’s what I saw. I drew a picture for my son and said look at this, this is what I saw. Then I looked on the Yowiehunters Site and said I need to talk to somebody about this.




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