Location: Sarina, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 1996

Time: 7pm





It was near the Sarina Homebush and Alligator Creek Road where we saw it. I was working in Mackay, came home and then myself and a mate decided to go up into the bush at about 6.30pm.


We drove up back along the creek on the Upper Alligator Road, and got out to walk up the cutting which leads up into the mountains. We didn’t have a torch, so we just used a cigarette lighter. We heard something that sounded like someone walking along the river rocks.


We crouched down and waited for a bit. We didn’t hear anything else, so stood up and as soon as we hit the cigarette lighter again, we saw something about 20 metres away from us stand up and start running towards us. There was a chest height barbed wire fence between us. I wasn’t so much scared at the time, just more like not believing what we were seeing.


It jumped over this fence with no effort at all, like a hurdler, and came right up on us. I turned and ran and my mate was still looking at it. It was dark and all we could see was a silhouette. It was head and shoulders taller than us and twice as wide.  


We ran down the embankment, jumped in the car and took off. I’ve never been back.


You hear about a wood knock or a foul smell, but there was none of that, just the sound of rocks moving or someone walking over rocks and we just crouched down and couldn’t hear anything, then as soon as we stood up and hit that lighter again it stood up out of the grass. No growl or a roar or anything, it was really bizarre.


It was dark. We could only see the silhouette and it definitely wasn’t a person. It was on two feet and running. I’m 6ft and it was head and shoulders above me. It went over this fence like you would jump over a log or something. At its closest to me it would have been about 3 metres. If my mate had of reached out, he would have touched him. But that’s all it did, was run straight up to the front of him. It just stopped there. Then my mate screamed and turned and ran as well.


It must have had dark or black hair, because I could see my mate, but this thing was a silhouette. You see these body builders with their big traps and it looks like no neck, this had the same thing.

Back then it would have been about 3kms from the nearest house.


We went straight to another mate’s house nearby and burst in there babbling and excited. He hadn’t heard of any stories.






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