Location: Ormeau, Queensland

Event: Audible – Possible Yowie

Date: Oct, 2004

Time: 810pm




[Dave Glen’s report – Ormeau QLD, following up on a dramatic encounter which involved a wood-cutter in the area a couple of months prior. This is more than likely the same creature that chased Dean Harrison along the edge of the forest in June of 97’, seen on the Pacific Hwy, chased several children from the location in 98’ and has caused fear throughout the neighborhood for many years. The vocal capacity described in this Report is much the same as described in Dean Harrison’s encounter]



Well whatever was in there is still there or there is more than one. The vocal came out of the valley to the left of Jason’s encounter. Cameron and I were sitting in the car on top of the ridge; we just basically went up that night to have a listen, as there are valleys all around.

When he and I were chatting of to the left of me I would hear "crack crack" as if something were moving but moving cautiously……


Then I kept hearing a noise as if something were placing its foot very cautiously and very slowly as if stalking something. Around 8:10 pm we were talking once again then all of a sudden there was a distinct "boom, boom, boom" and then something started yelling in some sort of dialect and as it was yelling there was another large "boom".

When the first "boom" came through the valley my first thought was heck, there's a 15 inch subwoofer in the middle of the bush. Then another one  came followed by another, that's when I realized ‘My God, that IS powerful and that is NO subwoofer’.


 When this sort of language was being yelled at first I thought this was rapping, but the intensity......


The intensity and power of this "Yowie" is absolutely unbelievable, it wasn't so much the loudness of the...... "Dialect".... it was like it came from the gut or something, just sheer power. This dialect that was being yelled was not English we could not understand it, but it didn't sound pissed off, it sounded more like... I'm over here.

After we realized what it was we drove down on the road further into the valley to see if we could hear it anymore but it stopped by this time. We went back to the top and I phoned Nigel and I was standing by the car chatting to him when Cameron said to me "I can bloody hear it".

I stayed by the car due to the history of this one! Also we had crickets around us but were we heard this vocalization there was not a breath of anything.

I reckon it's the next best thing, to seeing it. The noise were heard could not have been anything else but a Yowie, in my opinion.








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