Location: Cairns (Red Hill, Woree), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August, 1990

Time: 4pm

Female Witness – 23 years old at the time.





This stays with me every day.


I decided to get some exercise and go for a power walk up the tracks on Red Hill near Bay View Heights. Anderson road runs right past it on the northern side. I had not been up there before and was curious I guess. Anyway I decided to park my car at the front of the Catholic School and started to walk up a track on the north eastern side.


As I was walking up the hill I noticed a guy about 50m ahead of me. I followed him up most of the way. He wasn’t visible all of the time because of the long grass. When you get near the top, there’s another track that goes right to the top and another track that goes down and he was now on his way down there. I went down onto that track and looked to my right to see if anyone was coming down from the top and I saw this hairyman or whatever the heck it was, a Yowie, learning out of the tall grass about 10m away looking at the guy that was ahead of me. When it saw me come down on the track, it saw me and looked totally surprised and stood up straight and glared at me.


It had its arms down beside its body. The arms were really long. The size of the arms and legs were really massive. It was hairy all over but a bit exposed around the chest area. It was a dark colour. The face had no hair on it at all. It was so much like a person. I remember thinking ‘why is someone up here in a Gorilla suit?.’


It didn’t make sense.


It glared at me and started to clench its fists. Each time it clenched its fists it growled at me. Then it just roared and ran at me. I ran. I only made a couple of strides and it hit me in the back and I just went sailing off the side of the hill. I don’t know how far but it was really long grass and it broke my fall, and I kept tumbling down the hill and when I started to slow down I made myself keep tumbling until I came out onto the flat and there’s a School there so I jumped over the fence and ran through the School yard and across a field and didn’t look back until I was half way over the field and it wasn’t there, but I kept on running until I got back to the car.


When I first saw it, it was really close, about 10 metres away. The grass was really long, it was over my head and I’m about 5ft7”. It was about the same height as me but it was really muscly and really wide. It was like Schwarzenegger, it was ridiculous. I could see its muscles flexing at it clenched its fists. It was then I realised this isn’t someone mucking around, this is the real thing.


It all happened so quickly that I couldn’t define if it was a male or female, but I didn’t see a penis or anything like that.


It had hair all over it but much thinner on the head, although on top of its head was more boofy and not as flat. The hair was very Gorilla like and very thick but the face was clear. It was a very dark browny black with a hue of reddy orange. The face looked like a person with a really flat broad nose.


The arms went down below the knees, they were very long and thick. They were bigger than my legs. Not like a humans arms. The hands were human like but almost twice the size. When it hit me, I just went flying. I just flew down the side of the hill.


When it went rooaar, it was really deep and guttural. It did it two or three times and when it did it, it screwed its face up and clenched its fists and muscles up and down its arms. It was getting really angry and I think by looking at it was making it angry, but I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It was just amazing and ridiculous and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I was looking at it for 10 seconds, or 15 max.


Then it just attacked me.


It learnt way forward as it leapt off towards me. I know people learn forward when they start to run but this thing leant right down. It didn’t look right. It wasn’t the way we would run. But I only saw it take the first 2 or 3 strides and I just turned and ran.


I only got to the third step and it was behind me and it hit me between the shoulder blades. It felt like both fists or hands and it was like it pushed me.


It could have done more damage if it wanted to. It could have easily ripped my head off because it was so big and strong. You could see it had a lot of power.


It was quite a large hill with a steep slope. I was really quite lucky there was long grass to break my fall.


My mother said to me that she heard someone else saw the same thing up there about a year earlier.



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