Location: Cairns (Barron River Falls), Queensland


Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1996




Hi Dean,


I am an emergency service worker, I stumbled onto your sight.  Thought you maybe interested in this matter. 


About 10 years ago, we got a call in relation to a 50year old female who was crying on the walking track at Barron River Falls, Cairns (NQ).  We did not know what the matter was about (we thought it was some sort of asthma attack or similar). 


We attended and located the female, who was in hysterics, about 4km along the waking track.  She was physically shaking and as white as a 'ghost'.  She could not physically move and was visibly shaking.  We calmed her down and stayed with her for about 30 minutes trying to comfort her. 


She seemed 'sane' and did not suffer from any historical mental illness. Her daughter eventually attended, and told us that she was sane and this behaviour was unusual. She also stated that they were locals.  They lived in the township of Carvonica, (which is in the vicinity of the walking track).  I learnt from the daughter that her mother had walked the track everyday for the last seven years at the same time every day. 


We ended up medicating her and moving her from the track to the entrance.  Once outside the patient started talking and was calm enough to find out what the problem was.  I was astonished to learn that she stated she has seen a very large hairy creature with matty dark brown hair to walk in front of her, across the walking track from right to left, going downhill (through the bush). 


She stated that she could not believe what she had seen and had a 'panic attack' because she was on her own.  


She further stated that the creature was very tall and covered in thick 'matted' hair.  She said the face was exposed, but she could not see the face because, the face was dark (like dark leather).   She stated she had never seen anything like it in her life and it wasn't an animal from the Australia wildness. 

She kept describing the animal as a 'creature'.  I believe that maybe she had seen a bigfoot creature.  Sorry can't give you any further specifics about the matter.


There was no medical follow-up in relation to the female after hospital.















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