Location: Mount Tamborine, Queensland

Event: Chased

Date: 2002

Time: 4.30am

Curtis Road




[In 2001, we received an Encounter Report from a Witness on the same road (Curtis) and it was the same style of event less than 1 year apart. This Report wasn’t documented until 05-03-2019. Walking Curtis Road at night back in 2001/2 seems like quite the adventure].  

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I’m 31 now. This took place when I was 14 or 15 while walking with my friend Zac along Curtis Road.


It was about 4.30am. We were ratbags as kids and we pinched some milk from a delivery and we were walking with this milk crate along Curtis Road, drinking the milk. As we were walking down the hill, we got this Goosebumps eerie feeling and Zac looked behind us and there’s this tree at the top of Curtis Road that’s like an arch and we used to call it the ‘Hanging Tree’. Underneath the Hanging Tree is a square gap and inside the square gap we saw this black figure.


At first we thought it was a cow, and I said yeah but what’s it doing on this side of the fence? It was about 200m behind us and we kept on walking. Zac said “That things moving” and as I’ve turned around, it was in a crouched position and it’s come down into the V-Drain on the side of the road and stood up.


We’ve run down the hill and in behind the High School there was this small pocket of land we used to call the Swervy. It was so dark in there we could hardly see our hands in front of our faces. When this thing stood up were heard guttural grunt noises. We were running through the bush and we could hear a car coming. By this time, this thing has already caught up with us!


Myself and Zac could run. I used to be able to do 100 metres in 11 seconds. But this thing from 200m back – caught us. As we got to the top of the Swervy we managed to get onto the road and we’ve stopped the car and literally just opened the door and got in and told him to drive. Behind us we could still hear all the trees and branches snapping and we took off.


It was a moonlit night. When it was crouched in the V-Drain, it looked the same as how a Chinese person squats with their knees out and the hands between in the legs. Then it stood up and started coming towards us. I could tell how tall is was from the height of the drain to the road, and it was at least 6 – 7ft tall, and I knew by the size of it, this was something we didn’t want to know. It was too big to be a person, it was the size of a cow. It came down into and along the V-Drain in a crouching position, then stood up as it was coming out towards the road and it was moving. We turned and ran. We knew this wasn’t good. And the sound it made was like a Whooa grunt, really throaty as it began to run, like Whooa Whooa Whooa. By the time we got to the top of the Swervy, it had caught us. It did 200m in our 100m.






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