Location: Mount Tambourine, Queensland

Event: Chased

Date: 2001

Terrain: Avocado & Kiwifruit Orchards

Curtis Road


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It was about 9 o'clock at night, on a bright moonlit night, when I left the house on my normal nightly run. I was about two kilometer's from home running along Curtis Road. It was quiet, there is rarely any traffic on the road, but this night I wished there had been.


On the particular stretch of road, there are two reasonable hills within a kilometer stretch, and I was pretty intent on my running, just wanting to get past that section. All of a sudden I heard a branch or large twig snap. It startled me.

There was medium foliage on both sides of the road, I looked to a clearing on my right, and saw this big dark form. At first I thought it was a draught horse or something like that, as it was such a big form. I must have startled it in some way, as it turned to its side, and it was then that I realized it was mobile on 2 legs, there was no back end to it. I'd guess it was 7 to 8 feet tall, and it reeled back into the bushes, making the loudest noise.


I'm pretty much a sceptic when it comes to unusual things. But after that, I just started sprinting the rest of the way home. I was more spooked, when in the bushes I could hear these footsteps, keeping up with me, but its paces were a lot slower than mine, and I could actually feel the ground shake each time it took a step. It kept up with me for about 100 meter's, and then it stopped maybe it got tired of playing a game with me, but I wasn't waiting around, I took off home.


When I got home, I couldn't breathe. I had sprinted so fast I was absolutely exhausted.


"I was very worried, when I could hear his breathing in the garage usually he would just come into the house after his run. I rushed out there, he was a greyish-white colour, he couldn't speak, and you could see his heart pumping in his chest.


My other son, thought he might need mouth to mouth. We were very worried.


After a while he got his breath back, and he said
"Prey to God, Mum???????.I saw this thing?????.."
and that's how he started to explain to us his experience."


We went back and had a look at the site about 3 weeks later. There were some snapped branches, but it had been raining, so we couldn't see any prints.


I would say, it was about 15 feet away from me. There was low brush before there was a 4-foot high barbed wire fence between the road, and where this thing was. We examined the fence, but couldn't see any hair in the barbs. Then past the fence was the clearing to the Avocado & Kiwifruit trees.

When I saw it, it was in the clearing, front on to me, but all I really saw was a big black silhouette. It had thick hair, but short, and it looked like it had a hood on, there didn't really appear to be a neck. I didn't see the eyes nor the face very well but it appeared darker than the rest of the body, as it's back was to the moon.


I remembered, a tree it was beside, it would have been 7-8 foot tall. It would have been about 4 foot across the shoulders, it just gave me the impression of a very large person, in a gorilla suit. I would estimate it weighed at least 500 pounds (approx. 245 kilos). It was muscular, you could see the shape of the fur/hair underneath, probably described as an athletic build.


As it turned it lifted up its arm to brush away the branches as it went into the trees. As he was running, I could hear destruction as well, snapping branches, cracking of twigs etc.


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