Location: Nanango, Queensland

Event: Handprint

Date: April, 2015



I was with my two kids, we went camping in the East Nanango State Forest (southern side). My son was 14 and my daughter was 18. We arrived in the afternoon for a 4 day camp. The area was new to us.


We went to bed at around 9pm. During the night, it was very noisy and there was a big full moon. A lot of dingoes howling and deer roaring. The next morning we went for a walk just before daybreak and came back about 10 O’Clock in the morning and were just sitting there having a cup of tea and the light just happened to catch the dust on the back of my Landcruiser window and it looked like a print.


So I walked over for a closer inspection. I knew it was something odd. I went over and became more concerned because it wasn’t anything I had seen before. The print was more than half the size of the Landcruiser rear screen. There was dust on the glass from when we had driven into the property, but this was a dirty handprint on top. It was a different dust. The print was on straight, not like it hand been dragged (dermal ridges).



At first I thought it may have been someone dragging their hand down the window to elongate the fingers, but you can see it’s not that. The hand had been placed flat on the window. It looks like a big hand.



I’m not the type who takes flights of fancy, I’m just someone who has spent a lot of time in the bush who is seeking an opinion. I just don’t know what it is.




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