Location: Gallangowen State Forest, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 06-10-2019

Time: 12pm



Hi Dean,


I will do my best to provide details below:

Situation: I drive a fuel tanker for a job and I was delivering diesel to the Gallangowen State Forest 'out-station hut' as per the 'PIN' that I shared with you.


My truck broke down at the bottom of the valley about 8pm at night. I then tried for many hours to fix my truck by myself, luckily I had a head-torch. At about 1am I decided that I was not going to be able to get my truck working, so I started walking to the hut. I had to walk along a dirt road and through a valley to get to the hut which was about 2km away. As I descended into the valley I noticed how dark it was. It was crazy dark, in fact the darkest I have ever been anywhere in my life. I reached the bottom of the valley and started to climb the out the other side, (all the time remaining on the dirt road). It was so quiet, I mean really really quiet.


Just as I was starting to ascend I heard what sounded like very heavy footsteps following me over my left hand shoulder. The footsteps were so clear that I could hear the stones being dislodged by each step and the stones rolling down the slope. Right about now I am actually quite unnerved and I turned around and shone my head torch at the noise.


What happened next really freaked me out, the bloody footsteps stopped. The problem was that the scrub is so thick in the valley that you can’t even see 1 meter into the bush. Due to the bush being so thick, and the noise gone, I turned and continued walking. It moved with deliberate action. Then what happened next freaked me out even more.....I heard the exact noise now over my right hand shoulder. The same thing happened again, the footsteps followed me and I spun around with my head torch, but just like last time, everything went quiet. Just like the bush on the left side of the track, the bush on the right hand side is just as thick.


Even though I tried to look with my head torch I just couldn’t see anything. I then spun on my heal and continued walking. Just like the noise on my left, I could very very clearly hear heavy footsteps over my right hand shoulder.


What was freaking me out is that this 'thing' must have crossed the road behind me in the dark! I decided to run to the top of the hill, I didn’t look back, and the 'thing' did not follow me out of the valley.


Notes: The truck suddenly stopped without reason. Possibly electrical failure. When the mechanic came, it started straight away. There was no reason for it to have broken down as it did, and then later nothing wrong with it. I also spoke to the local farmer there and he made a mysterious comment - "You don't walk by yourself out here in this bush at night". 






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