Location: Bellbird Grove, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2020

Time: Late Afternoon

[Park and Track was closed for some time due to Covid. Witness is Male who is an academic and athlete]




I’ve been walking these tracks, and off the tracks since the 90’s, but more regularly for well over the last 10 years (two to three times per week) taking photos of fauna and had never seen anything strange in all that time. I have a scientific background and if you were to have told me these things existed prior to the event, I would not have believed you.


I know I wasn’t supposed to be walking through there because the park was closed due to Covid, so I knew nobody was there. There were no cars in the carpark.


I was on an inland mountain walk that was quite densely forested following beside the creek. I could hear rocks clacking and echoing in the distance and thought there must have been someone up further.


I turned right down into the creek and started walking up the creek towards the rock clacking and splashing. I came across what I first thought was a film set. Then I realised there were no cameras.


There was this thing acting in a really immature infantile with strange movements (very primate). It was playing. Although it appeared to be young, it was still around 6ft tall. As it turned around and saw me, it raised its eye brows, turned to the bank and started making kissy type noises, and at that point there was an earth shattering growling sound coming from the bank and a larger darker one stepped down into the creek and basically did an Incredible Hulk type pose as it was growling at me.


I had two cameras on me, but I wasn’t hanging around. I bolted. I’m gone.


I backtracked back along the creek and back up onto the track - I’m a sprinter, and that was the fastest I’ve ever ran. By the time I made it back to the carpark, I was exhausted. I got the camera out and just stood there trying to compose myself. Where I was standing was a clearing where I felt more safe, but I knew I had to walk through another small bush area to get back to my car. I made sure I had enough breath and ran all the way back to my car.


It’s been playing on my mind ever since.


It was a quiet day, even the birds weren’t chirping. It was strange and hard to explain. It was very quiet.


The rock clapping was loud. You could hear it for a mile. Probably because of the echoing off the creek bank accentuated the sound. There was a clack, pause, clack clack, pause, clack etc – almost a rhythm to it.


Where I went was way off the beaten track and there was no reason for anyone to be there


The first one I saw in the creek bed was sort of twisting around, picking up rocks and throwing them. He was doing weird actions. It was doing this for about 5 seconds and then swivelled and turned to face where I was. He raised his eye brow, then turned to the bank and made this noise, and then there was a second one that responded quite quickly.


[Dean Harrison and Buck Buckingham (AYR) met with the Witness and went to the location in the creek, where it was apparent the big one – presuming it was Dad – was sitting behind a tree in a position where he could monitor the walking track from both ways, while supervising junior. The track runs along side the creek only about 10 metres away. The position was a perfect viewing point for any humans walking the track. But he didn’t expect a human to be coming up the creek.]


I’ve sort of come around the corner and stumbled across this thing frolicking like a toddler in the ankle deep water and we both stopped and looked at each other. Then it pursed its lips and makes this chirpy / kissy sound, then all hell breaks loose with this much larger hairier creature. It came down about 10 metres from the left hand side bushy area of the creek bank.


The face was gorilla like, but different. Ape’ish I guess. It had a rounder face, dark brown shaggy hair with an orange tinge, conical head towards the back, not a human shaped head. The younger one was not an infant, perhaps a teenager in Yowie years and certainly not as wide as the larger one. It had stumpy legs, not athletic and they were wider at the top, yet still being fairly wide at the bottom and they were shorter and stumpier, as in they were out of proportion. The arms were also out of proportion compared to a humans, as they were longer and top heavy with longer bowed arms. They had hair all over their bodies. No neck.


The nose it made was reverberating. It was the most reverberating, yell, howl, growl all in one. It isn’t like anything I’ve heard before. I’ve heard someone on your show (Dean), describe it like a bear and a lion rolled into one – that’s exactly what it was like.


The big one was a slightly darker shade of brown with a tinge of orange and a lot more hair which was a lot motleyer across the head, the forehead area and down the sides and back. This thing was wide and it looked heathy. He was about 2 metres tall and a metre wide. He was a larger version of the smaller one with an ape-like gorilla look with the same head shape which was conical at the back. The nose was wider and flatter across the face. I think the hair was covering the ears.


The expression was angry. The facial expressions were just angry and he had a scrunched up wide open mouth making that sound. His teeth weren’t fangs, but more pronounced off white to yellow canines.


This was a ‘Get out there’ growl. I was out of there.


It could easily have caught me if it wanted to. If this thing wanted to kill me, it would have. Why it didn’t come after me, I don’t know. I think its main job was to scare the crap out of me, and it did. It was fight or flight, and I was out of there, I just ran.


By the time I got to the road I felt a bit safer and I was exhausted by the time I got back to the carpark. I just bent over trying to breath in air.


It was life changing. What I stumbled across, lucky or unlucky, were beings unknown to science. It shook me to the core. It leaves you questioning everything. There’s no way I would ever go there at night.


Six months ago I wouldn’t have believed any of this.



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