Location: Kilkivan, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 29/03/19

Time: 1030 to 0430

[Male Witness]




We stopped in at the Fat Hen Creek Rest Stop Area as it was recommended to us as a nice freecamp with toilets just outside of the town of Kilkivan.


We were on our way to Ban Ban Spring's but with the daylight fading fast we didn't want to risk driving through the night and hitting a roo. We pulled up behind the toilet block which is at the back of the rest stop area and setup our swags underneath the awning from our van. There was a large street light in the freecamp area which I think was solar-powered so it threw good light around the camping area and toilet block.


We were the only ones there that night. Behind us was a fence and farmland and opposite us was the creek down an embankment about 15 metres away. The creek and surrounding bush on the other side was very overgrown and thick.


We had a fire and cooked dinner then watched a movie but we both felt a bit strange like there was something weird around us but couldn't put our finger on it. About 10pm the movie finished and we turned in for the night. We felt a bit strange and noticed that the wind had died down to nothing and the crickets had gone totally silent. I kind of felt like something was watching us from across the creek but figured it was probably just a feral cat or something.


We hoped in our swags and fell asleep. I woke up about 2am as I needed to go to the toilet. The block was only a short distance away (metres) so I hopped out my swag, grabbed my torch and headed for the loo. The whole way there and back the air felt strange like it was electrically charged or something and I still had that feeling like I was being watched, creepy considering Ide camped thousands of times before without a worry in the world.


I hopped back in my swag and just lay there listening for anything but the night was extremely silent. My mate in the next swag whispered to me "did you see it". See what I said. "The thing the shadow in the bush near the creek". I had no idea what he was on about so I just replied no.


We both lay in our swags whispering to each other about what it might be and the weird feeling of being watched that Ide had. After about an hour we suddenly heard this almighty THUD THUD THUD THUD like something was moving very heavy footed and slow down the other side of the creek. "what the f**k is that" I said to my mate. It sounded like it was coming towards us but then the sound seemed like it was moving away from us and down the dry creek in a westerly direction.


I unzipped my swag and pointed my torch down towards where the sound was coming from. All I saw was what looked like a huge man in a ghillie suit with his back to me walking away down the creek bed. He looked about 7ft tall with massive shoulders, longish blacky orange hair but I could see his back muscles through the hair and they looked like a wrestlers. The arms were covered in hair but not the hands which I could see as he moved through the very long grass in the creek bed. I couldn't see anything beyond his waistline as the grass was too thick.


I'm not sure about any other features as my hand was shaking from being scared so the torchlight was gittering about to much and the streetlight didn't throw it's light far enough to see any better. I'm not sure but it looked like this thing looked back at me briefly before disappearing into the night down the creek. I say it looked like it was looking at me because I could see these two very bright eyes quite a distance off the ground. They were an unusual shape for where eyes should be and the yellowy colour was weird too.


The very next morning I went down to the creek with my mate to see if we could see anything but there was nothing at all. Not even a footprint of where this thing was standing or anything which was really strange because the creek was dry so we figured it must have left a print or something! We walked around the creek bed and just on the other side of where we were looking I found something we considered out of the ordinary. Something looked like it had been digging a hole in the dry creek bed down to a depth of about 3 feet where it looked like there was some water. I always thought only humans knew that by digging in dry creek beds you can find water but we think whatever we saw was doing just that. The hole looked like just as if we were looking for water and used our hands to dig down except this hole was much larger. It looked fresh too because the surrounding soil hadn't been dried out by the days sun yet.


That location and my experience has haunted my dreams for some time to the point of anxiety and I've had to be prescribed Mirtazapine for sleep. There's no scientific justification or rationale for what I saw and what my friend and I felt and any answer just brings up more questions! I second guess myself now before walking my bins to the front gate on my property in the dark which is about 150m from the house.



I've been listening to the YouTube reports since I wrote my own report and that alone brings me some relief that I am not alone here. 








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