Location:  Eumundi-Yandina Qld

Event:  Sighting.

Year: 2010

Male Witness




I work as a consultant, and I started visiting a client up at Biggenden, northwest of Gympie.  I recall, it was quite a weird day. 


This is kind of unrelated, but I thought it was quite interesting.  It was kind of weird actually, I think I mentioned I was coming back through the state forest.  The person I was talking to said the forest at night isn’t really safe for travellers.  The truckies that go through there get weird feelings like they’re being watched and so on, and I didn’t really take much notice of that.


So I did end up driving through that state forest area, I came back through Gympie, traveling down the Bruce Highway.  It would have been about dusk time I recall.  This particular stretch of road, I can’t remember exactly where it was, all I remember is it was downhill, dual lane carriageway, two lanes either side with a medium strip with trees.  I recall it was somewhere between Eumundi and Yandina anyway. 


I was coming down this hill, heading toward Brisbane, and I remember seeing this…I thought it was a kid in a black hoodie.  It was probably about the height of a 12/13-year-old, it was standing in the medium strip.  It must have crossed over from the other side, it would have crossed over with other cars around.  Then it was looking for a break in the cars to cross over.  


I thought it was a weird place for a kid to be.  I thought the kid had a hoodie on because it didn’t have a neck, it had like a gorilla, how they have the shoulders coming right up to the head so when they move they move their shoulders, that’s what this did.  I thought, okay it’s just a kid.


I couldn’t see too much I just remember it was black, black all over.  There was a car in front of me about 100 metres or so, as soon as this car went past this figure, the figure then just ran out across the road.  I was travelling towards it, so within that time I was getting closer, and I could see more detail of it.


Anyway, it just sprinted across the two lanes, I thought wow that’s pretty fast for a 12-year-old kid in a hoodie!  Then it just jumped effortlessly over this mound, I think it was a mound.  It was something like two metres high, but it was just like someone jumping over a hurdle.  Just ran and just glided over this big two-metre-high fence or mound or something like that.  I remember thinking that’s pretty good for a person to do that, I don’t think anyone could really effortlessly glide over like that thing did. 


It was completely black; no skin could be seen.  It was a very slender body, wasn’t really muscly, it was like a human I guess but with no neck.  When it ran I could see long hair dangling from its calves.  When it ran it sort of looked like bell bottom pants, flaring out, it had long hair, that’s what I recall.  That was pretty much it really, I just kept on driving.


It was starting to get dark but it was still light enough to see, it was probably about quarter to six.  I didn’t have headlights on, it was still light, you could see what it was, but it just went past quickly.  I was driving at 110 kilometres an hour so it went pretty quick, but that’s pretty much what I saw.


When it sprinted in front of me, by that stage it was somewhere between 50 and 100 metres.   The car in front of me was 100 metres away, and as that car went past it was running across, so I was approaching it, so somewhere between 50 and 100 metres. 


I couldn’t see any other features, didn’t see eyes or face, just a silhouette basically, just looking forward.  It was jet black, couldn’t see any human skin.  I was probably too far away to see any detail anyway.  I didn’t see any skin colour it was just black. 


I wondered why no one else reported it, I would suspect when it crossed over I presume someone would have seen it.  But when it was standing still it just looked like a human with a hoodie.  It was just, a black person, a kid.  You hear about the traditional gorilla style sasquatch, apes and that type of thing, it wasn’t like that at all, it was human like.  I read there’s 2 different types, the slender one that I must have seen, and then there’s the classic, gorilla style like from the Blue Mountains.


I could just see the hair on the body billowing because it was so long, and because it was running.  I could only make it out because of that motion.  It was too quick to see much else.  Two or three steps to get across the lanes, very fast.  Big leaps, the gait was large.  Effortless how it did it, almost floating.  Smooth, a very smooth motion.  It looked like a human running, effortless flowing run.  Not hunched over, it was upright.


I told my wife at the time when I got back I was quite excited.  Then I started looking on the internet.   It took me a while to work out what I saw, I was trying to come to some logical explanation.  I thought maybe it was a Yowie I saw, so then I emailed Australian Yowie Research.  I made a report and was interviewed by a cop who was working up in Gympie at the time.  We met in Caboulture at a Roadhouse.  He interviewed myself and I had it transcribed.


When I told a few of my colleagues, and one of them didn’t believe me and tried to ridicule me, there was one guy who said “Oh yes the Yandina Yowie, you saw it?!  Yes we’ve heard a few stories about it.”  People don’t believe you, but my family believed me because I’m pretty logical, I wouldn’t be saying something like that unless I did see something.


But people say, “Well how come you don’t see any evidence of Yowies?”  Well, do you see any bones of koalas and kangaroos in the forest?  It’s the same sort of deal.  Also, I think (Yowies) bury their dead, from what I saw this thing was very intelligent, it knew what it was doing.  They probably have their own society; their own culture and we just don’t know about it.


I don’t think I’d go to some of these places by myself at night after what I’ve seen.  I would like to live vicariously.  I got asked in the interview if I wanted to go out camping and look for evidence, I was like nope… I know they exist that’s enough for me! (laughing)  


I read a lot of the (AYR) reports and there’s a lot of them around this area.  It’s a fascinating subject. 






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