Location: Mt Nebo, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2023

Time: 7am

[Female Witness – Name Withheld by Request]

Report Recorded by Paul Cropper

Recorded 17/6/24



Paul: Thanks for getting in touch. This was an experience that happened not that long ago?


Witness: It would have been last year sometime. I work in traffic control and that project was on for quite a number of months. There was one week where I had to go out two or three days in a row. It was an early start…the guys were doing this major section of road and I was working up the top of the hill stopping traffic. It was a permanent closure while they were repairing that section.


I came from over near Ipswich way. I had to leave here really early in the morning to get there on time. We were starting about 6 30 or 7. It might have been seven in the morning… we had to be there a half hour early. I had to come such a long way .. it was about an hour and 15 if there was no traffic.


I'd always leave early, it was still dark and it was just in the tight s-bends. You know… where you can sort of see the next curve in the in the road ahead of you with your headlights? That's what happened. I was coming up to a bottom part of one and the lights swept across that next section.


As the lights went around that bend I saw a shape of something sort of “scaling down” quickly.. I honestly couldn't tell you how long the lights were on that section, but I saw a shape moving down that side really quickly.  It was definitely moving… against the darker edge of like grass and bushes and stuff. It's not quite a cliff but an incline… I was thinking I better slow down because there's definitely going to be either something there or just off to the side of the road.


The more I thought about it as I went around there… I felt weird… I felt weird but I know that it's stupid. I felt weird and I slowed down. I couldn't see anything when I got to where I thought I'd seen something coming down. I thought it couldn't have been a farmer. It couldn't have been a cow or anything like that because I work in traffic control. I'm not saying we're experts, but I knew what I saw was big because I'm used to being at distances from things. I know whatever or whoever was coming down that slope was bigger than a person.


When I got to work, I didn't say anything about it. It wasn't until my last shift I was on in the morning. I said to the guys do you guys know if anyone's ever seen a yowie around here and they said we're not from around here. None of them were locals.


Paul: Do you mind if I ask you just some questions about your experience. You mentioned that this was only 15 minutes away from where you were working and that was Mount Nebo?


Witness: It was kind of close to Mount Nebo. I was in the tight s-bends before then.


Paul: How far away were you from the object when you saw it descending down the slope?


Witness: Maybe 100-120 yards.


Paul: When you're looking at this object did you get the feeling that it was moving like on four legs or on two? Did you get any sense of its kind of overall shape and movement?


Witness: Just a very quick flash of, like a leg and an arm moving… as it came down through the lights.


Paul: You said it was tall. Did you have a sense that it was taller than you?


Witness: For me to see it that well from that distance it must have been at least at least seven or eight feet tall.


Paul: Did you get a sense that this was a solid thing or a slim thing?


Witness: That’s why I was so concerned as I was coming around, thinking there's something on the road that I'm about to come past. I did slow down and that's how I sort of knew I wasn't imagining. It wasn't shadows, this was less dense or dark than the rest of it. (It was) moving down quickly and (I had) just a glimpse of movement of an arm.


I don't know how long it takes the light to leave but I could see, it dropped and then I couldn't see any more because my lights were no longer pointing in that direction. They were heading into that next bend and then coming around to where that next corner was where I'd seen this shape moving down.


Paul: Is the slope very steep?


Witness: It was really steep.


Paul: Did you get any sense of its color.


Witness: Not black or anything like that… more lighter gray… it wasn't a darker colour.


Paul: Your reaction was interesting too… you just slowed down because (you were) obviously a bit concerned…


Witness: I was thinking to myself as I went around that corner. I don't know what I just saw but I know I've got to be careful coming around this corner.  I felt weird, you know. I travelled this road a couple of months before and I hadn't felt weird or anything.







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