Location:  Moore Park Beach.  Bundaburg Qld

Event:  Sighting

Date:  2021




Daughter’s account:

It was on Sunday about 6:22pm, we were walking along the beach.  My sister was looking at her phone and I was looking at the sand, then I looked up and I saw just something really tall beside like an old…tree.  I saw what I thought was a man, who walked down to the beach and crouching over, washed its hands, it was doing something with its arms and hands.  I thought it was a man, so I didn’t think anything of it.  Then it went back up to the sand dunes into the bush, I thought it was really weird because we never walked past the person, that we thought was a person. 


We walked up more then my sister said she saw something tall and hairy.  She said “RUN, there’s something over there!” and I looked, and I thought I saw a massive cow running really fast at us.  It was running side to side, I got creeped out, it was running weird, its legs were apart, wide open, not like a normal human being.  It looked like a huge hairy man, as tall as our house.   


I just ran for my life, you know when your throat’s burning and your belly’s sore, but we kept running.


I looked back to see if it was still chasing us and it was standing up, moving slower, it was tall and hairy, its arms were long.  To start with it was on four legs running at us but when I looked back it was on two feet.  It was like browny, hairy, covered all in hair, I only saw brown, or black.  Its face was all hairy and its arms were really long like past its knees.  It was 8-9 foot.  I saw hands.  It didn’t make any noise.


At first it was about 100/150 metres away, but the second time I looked it was about seventy metres away.

My sister was screaming out and crying, really scared.  I called Mum as soon as it started chasing us and said can you come help us. 




Mother’s account: 

Me and my partner bolted down there in the car, he grabbed a spear gun, put it straight in the boot and we flew down there to the 4WD access carpark.  Got out, started running down onto the beach and there was a lady just about to put two dogs in her car.  I yelled out “Have you seen two girls?” she said, “Yes they’re up there!” pointed, I said “Okay well they’ve just been chased by something huge.” 


The lady was about to leave but she ended up following me and my partner onto the beach and caught up with us when we caught up with the girls who were running towards us, and it looked like my youngest daughter was going to collapse.


My daughter said she seen something up in the distance washing its hands in the water and said that it has turned around to them and started chasing them.  So I’m thinking it’s because of hate or it’s chased them to get them away or something. 


I believe my girls, because I saw their faces, and I have never seen their faces like that my whole entire life.


The lady said she had seen a big looking man up there too; she didn’t think anything of it, but she felt a bit weary that’s why she turned around and walked back to her car.  She just said she didn’t trust it because it was just a lady on her own with two dogs.  So that’s why she didn’t go any further and turned around.  She bypassed my daughters on the way.


When we arrived, we all saw it at the end of the bush near the houses and it was looking at us from behind the bushes swaying side to side trying to look at us.  It was walking up the sand dunes into the bush, and as soon as it saw the group of us running up on the beach towards it when we arrived, it took off, we didn’t see it again.


Some of us went for a walk back there the next afternoon and we saw some big footprints, like 40+cm long, and fat.  We took some photos and got in contact with the wildlife department who said they might go out and have a look.




Partner’s account:

It was around 150mts away from us.  I could see that thing moving side to side, it was a big build, it had no bare skin at all, it was just a dark, black shadow.  You can tell from a distance if someone is wearing a shirt or shorts, this thing was just black all over.


With big arms going side to side with its arms like this…waiting for us, to eat us, I dunno I got no idea.  


I thought I better put my spear gun set, I lift up my spear gun and that thing was gone.  If I hit it with a spear gun I’d need to take another shot, it wouldn’t do anything.  I’m still paranoid about it though.  None of us want to go and walk on that beach again.  None of us even come out in our own back yard now, no way. 





The night after.

We were out in our driveway to have a smoke.  My partner was talking to me, and I heard it, the first time, it was a strange scream moan noise, but in the distance, that way also, the North way.  I said “Shhh can you hear that?” and it made the exact same noise 2 more times and he said, “Yes I can hear it as well.”  And we freaked out because my 14-year-old Son was up at his mate’s place and I was thinking, I hope he hasn’t gone out with his mates and been hurt.


We went to get him, but he was up at another home, so it was ok.  But it freaked us out, it was so strange, it didn’t sound like a woman or man screaming…it sounded really strange.  I’ve been here over 4 years now and I’ve never ever heard that noise before in my life.  I’d heard about Yowies before, but I thought they were just mythical creatures from back in the Aboriginal day.


I heard a story that happened just before Christmas last year of a local farmer on Lindemans Road who said he was on his farm with his dogs and heard something strange.  His normally as tough-as-nails dogs who will bail anything up that’s on their property, went all cowardly and would not go any closer.  Then he saw all the trees moving and heard thuds as if something huge was running away.  He didn’t see what it was, but he believes the dogs saw it as he has never seen them whimper like that before.  He doesn’t believe in all this stuff, but he did say there is no explanation for what happened that day.


I’ve seen on Dean Harrison’s website there have been encounters at Deep Water, Miriam Vale and Howard which are all not far from here.  We were actually doing up a caravan to travel around Australia, but now we’re having second thoughts.  Every time I close my eyes, I can see it chasing my girls.  I’m deadset thinking about moving, it’s freaking me out and my kids are scared now.  I’m even worried about going out the front now because we’ve got a little bit of swamp across the road and bushland there and also behind me before the beach. 






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