Location: Yalata (West of), South Australia


Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1992

Time: 2am



I was travelling with a mate with a load of general cargo across to Perth in a Mack Super Liner.


We were about 40 minutes west of the Yalata Mission and decided to do a tyre check at a clearing on the side of the road. I was the passenger, and while my mate was walking around with a bar whacking the tyres, I walked over the side to have a leak. It was a full moon, a clear night and we were about 20m from the tree line.


I looked over to the tree line to see two red eyes looking back at me. I thought it may have been a possum up a tree or something. I took a few steps to the side for a better look and it stuck its head around the tree again, so I yelled at my mate to come and have a look at this. Then it took off. There was a bad smell. I could smell it as soon as I got out of the truck. I smelt it before I saw it.



I made out the shape while it was standing still and I would had it would have been 7-8ft tall. Human shape covered in hair. It was a big heavy set thing, no neck. It would have been as big as Andre’ the giant back in those days. When it took another look at me is when I yelled out and it then turned and ran off. I could hear it running away.

The smell was like a wet dog. As soon as it ran off through the bush, then smell went away.


Because the eyes were so tall was why I at first thought it may have been a possum up a tree. It couldn’t have been a big Human because Human eyes don’t shine red like that.


We got back in the truck and took off and we were talking about it and my mate said he knows someone who had stopped to sleep along that same stretch of road at night, and he woke up to growling noises and something banging on his cab. He wasn’t game to hop out, but later in the morning when he did, he had dents all along his cab.




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