Location: Wilpena Pound, South Australia (Flinders Ranges)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 6th of October 2014

Time: 2.15pm



I was searching for reptiles when I thought I’d have a break have a drink. I walked down to a creek and sat down, within 30 seconds I heard a noise and then I saw a 7 to 8 feet hairy ape- like creature stand up looked at me before running off.


The area is about 30 minutes away from the nearest town.


It wasn’t like someone wearing a suit, and when it moved, it was really quick. When I saw it, it was about 50 metres away from me. I was at the creek filling my water bottle (it’s a natural spring), I looked to my side and there it was behind a tree.

It was hairy, the shoulders were really bulky, like solid and the arms were long. The hair was a black/brown colour and long. The only part of its body that wasn’t covered in hair was the front of its face.


Before I saw it, I had a feeling of something watching me. It was standing behind a tree with its head out to the side watching me. When it saw me looking at it, it took off. The face reminds me of an Ape or some pre Human.


It would have weighed about 250 – 300kg. Its legs were big too. It was no Human Being.





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