Location: Sixth Creek - Adelaide Hills, South Australia


Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan 31st, 2015

Time: 8 - 9.00am



During the winter months I like to head out every weekend to the forest area of Adelaide hills to document different species of fungi.

This particular trip began like every other, I packed up all my hiking gear and drove the 1 hour from the suburbs into the Forestry range of Adelaide hills. On arrival the sun was out but it was early morning and still very cold with dew thick on the grass and trees.

I did not get more then 600m down a walking trail when something came crashing through the trees in the creek besides the path about 100metres ahead of me. The creek is quite deep and heavily shrubbed. I stopped and stood still listening and looking from a distance and could see something large moving around.

It then paused and I thought to myself oh it’s just a kangaroo so I continued walking but looking down the creek in that direction. I got about 25metres closer when it started growling I was baffled because I could not see it as i was scanning through the shrubs in the creek our eyes met.

he stood up from his position giving me full view he turned and in 3 steps he was gone behind trees and bushes.

Thick matted Brown/Black hair huge eyes had a bit of a red tinge to them but for the most part they seemed dark. I tell people all the time because i know we have no 2 legged animals out here besides kangaroos and they hop not walk. People just say I’m crazy but I will never forget that face.




Email received 08-09-2020

I am just reporting this piece of evidence or information in support of the sixth creek sighting in South Australia. As I was power hiking I call it i suppose up and down steep gullies on walking and fire trails. I was travelling down along a track that opened onto a few gullies that ran into a longer deeper gully. the wind was up but not too extreme.

Off to my right I heard what sounded like a woman cry. It seemed unreal but I heard it a few times and just kept walking. I knew there was no one down there because it was dense bush with no path in . I kept thinking that must have been a ghost or something along those lines. Reading the timelines together and closeness in proximity to The Sixth creek sightings {Literally the next valley over from where I heard this strange cry in the wind.}

You could really chalk this noise up to the hairy man. So sorry not a glamour sighting and nothing conclusive. I know a woman here in Adelaide who said she and a friend saw one at waterfall gully many years ago.




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