Location: South of Adelaide

Event: Sighting

Date: 1992




I was on a scout camp in the hope forest area, near Willunga and Kuipto forest (south of Adelaide). I was asleep and in the morning I was told of the scouts had gone wandering but scared away by a scruffy large man that screamed at them.

They ran all the way back to camp and told the other leader and he stayed up most of the night calming them down and keeping watch-most of the boys were about 12 but there was a cocky 16 year old with them which with a attitude would not have thought have scared so easily.

When I was told I immediately wanted to search out this thing/person but they all seemed to concerned for my welfare - really scared - and the other leader said to leave it alone and we ran out of time to go for a search later.

I have heard some terrible bellowing noises in the area - I have put this all down to milking cows and the thing in the bushes -maybe a tramp plus we have suspicions of a dope crop grown nearby as some shady characters have been seen in strange out of the way areas.

The campsite is in a hard to get to by vehicle deep gully with a creek and nature reserves the size of small farms nearby.

This happened about 7 years ago.






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