Location: Poochera, South Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: February, 2016

Time: 12.30am






We were driving East to West Australia, our ute lost the bolts to hold on the trailer part, and the trailer dragged.


We were broken down about half way between Poochera and Cungena. We were stranded and managed to get hold of the owner of the pub in Poochera. We had stopped there on our way through to get fuel. He got onto a mobile fabricator, he patched us and we followed him back to his farm back towards Poochera for a proper repair so we could get back on our way.


It was maybe a 45 minute drive back to his place. We were told to watch out for Roo’s, so I was on Roo watch.


When we were on his property, we were roughly 10 minutes into the drive way and were following him far back enough so we could see behind the dust. There was a stubble paddock on our right and roughly 2m between the car and a barb wire fence that was scrub on the other side.


As we were driving, we saw a figure that stepped off the stubble, one step in the middle of the dirt road then. I was hysterical as I thought we could have easily hit him. He seemed to be walking with purpose, it was straight forward. He stepped in front of us, behind the Ute in front. I saw him maybe 3m in front of the car. We had a Night Eater light bar on the front of the car. I was practically hysterical and my Husband said ‘No F’ing Way!’, and I said ‘YES IT WAS…’


We had the high beam on along with the light bar, and this thing stepped out and it was already in full stride. He didn’t care at all. He didn’t care the vehicle was there.


Afterwards, we had the car and trailer parked in the guys shed and I let our dog off its lead from the back of the Ute, but had to put him back on the lead because he wanted to go after something in the bush. I was very uneasy. I felt watched. I looked after my sleeping children in the car. My dog was going off his head. All the hair up on his back, pacing back and forth wanting to go attack something in the dark. I heard noises off in the bushes but cannot be certain what they were.


When we were driving on his property, it walked out just after his car went past. We were about 10m behind him sitting on about 50-55KMPH. It stepped out from behind the tray of his Ute, then walked full stride across the road. My Husband is 6’6”, and this thing was bigger than him. We had a raised Hilux with a 5” lift in it, and its head was above the Hilux. My Husbands head is only just level with the roof. This things head we thought was 2 or 3 feet higher.


It came out from the right and walked across to the left. There was no way we were going to stop, we had three kids in the car.


You hear about these things being big and burley, but this thing was not. It was quite skinny actually. You could see it had hair all over it. On TV they look ape-like, but this thing was just creepy as hell. It was totally different to what I imagined them to be. It had broad shoulders and chest, but it was thin. It looked like he’d been to the Gym every day, it looked fit. The hair moved with the breeze. It didn’t have a long neck. The head looked sunk in its body. The arms seemed long, longer than a regular persons. It was totally upright.


I was terrified. I even loaded the gun in the back. The workshop was only 100m from where we saw it and it kept just inside the bush line the entire time. It sounded like it was trying to quietly walk around the bush, but not succeeding. The gentleman who fixed the car offered us to stay the night and we said ‘No, no way’.







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