Location: Mullundung State Forest, Darriman, Victoria


Event: Sighting


Date: Between June and August 1985.


Interviewed: Mr N Snr on 7/11/00 regarding his son's experience. This report also includes information provided by Mr Cin his email submission to the AYR Web Site.






Michael's sighting took place just after the family had moved from Melbourne to the 16ha farm, surrounded on three sides by the Mullungdung State Forest. One cold afternoon, Mr N (Mick) told his bored 15/16-year-old son to "rug-up" and go for a walk along Four-Mile Creek, which ran through the property. Michael was walking along when he came across the animal, also in the creek bed.


The creature swung around, scented the air, coughed, then looked directly at him. He immediately bolted back to the house. Michael described the animal as being a brown colour - similar to a horse. It had no neck, with the head sitting directly on it's shoulders. It was obviously a female, as it had clearly sagging breasts.


Mick indicated that Michael had later done a good sketch of the creature. Mick was home when his son arrived, still running, back at the farmhouse. Michael was so panicked; Mick first thought a snake had bitten him. Michael told Mick that he seen a "hairy lady". Mick wanted to go straight back with him to the spot but his son resisted - in fact, he almost had to be forced to go back.


When they returned 1-2 hours later, Mick noticed a distinct, pungent odour at the site. He described it as being something like "chicken broth". Since that time, Mick has come across the same smell several times around the property.


Generally, this was during cold weather (June, July or August). Nothing has been noticed in the past 5 years. He also stated that a hunter had sighted a smaller (2-3ft) yowie a year later (1986) while hunting with a group in the Pine forest at Longford. The hunter had taken several shots at the creature.


Mick also sighted a black panther in the area in 1985 - it walked alone the fence line.









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