Location: Creswick, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan, 2020

Time: 9.45pm

[Female Witness]





I regularly commute from Ballarat to Creswick by car.


I recently (late Jan 2020) witnessed a figure on the side of the road on the Midland Highway, while we were travelling in the direction to Ballarat down the hill toward Sulky Gully area.


It stood still near a sign on the west side of the road somewhere in between the location of Diamond Gully Rd and Centre Rd. I watched it for approximately 25-30 seconds.


When our car reached the sign next to where it was standing, it had gone. The bush is thick and close to the sign by the road where it stood. It was tall (between 7 to 8 foot). I thought a person in a dark brown ape costume was possibly playing a practical joke to scare drivers.


It had an athletic physique. I asked my daughter if she noticed anything by the side of the road and she mentioned witnessing a very tall dark brown silhouette of a human shape but that was not a person. I think it was standing with its back to us and it was looking down the hill but I am unsure of this. I could not make out seeing a face.


I do not know anything about Yowies but I wondered if it may have been seeking roadkill as there is commonly medium to large sized dead grey kangaroos to be found on each side of that stretch of highway (there was a large dead grey kangaroo near the Forest Resort that night) along with many damns on private properties.


This experience really made my hair stand on end so I typed in "Yowie, Victoria" on Youtube and was shocked to discover that sightings were commonplace in Australia. I thought this phenomena only occurred in Northern America, Himalayas and Russia. I was taught that Yowies along with Bunyips were purely mythological.

I hope this information is useful for your research.







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