Location: Lyndhurst  (Abbotts Rd), Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer 1987



I was a member of the Hampton Park volunteer fire brigade, including my father who was a officer.

My father and myself response to reported spot fires off Abbotts road in the salvage, a light four wheel drive firefighting vehicle. At the scene, we discovered smoking piles of railway sleepers spread out along the railway line.

The salvage drove at least 400 metres off the roadway along the railway line, and stopped besides a pile of sleepers, were I ordered to put out by my father who left to head towards Abbotts Road, were the tanker had arrived at this stage.

I was left alone for around ten minutes, when I sighted a figure walking around the railway tracks from the other direction towards myself. At first, I thought it was a man wearing overalls. But as the figure got closer, I realize by the shape and the way it was walking, it was a yowie.

The beast stopped and headed into the fields away from the railway tracks as the salvage and tanker drove towards myself. I give pursuit after the beast, leaving the nap sack behind.

 The beast saw myself, and quickly began moving faster, till it leap down and began using its front claws as legs. By doing this, it was able to move faster away from myself. The salvage and tanker was in pursuit of myself and caught up with me, were I was ordered to stop.

The last I saw of the beast, dashing behind a group of trees and vanishing. The beast had been seem by my father and the tanker crew as well. No-one was able to explain what they had seem. Even I wasn't a 100% per cent in what sort of creature I had seem. I knew it was some kind of ape-like creature which was able to walk on its two front legs. When I return to the sleepers, to collect the nap sack, it was gone. We spend some time searching for it, before declaring it stolen, and returning back to the fire station.

Due to the Captain and the culture of the Hampton Park fire brigade at the time, the matter was never taken further, as no one was able to explain what was seem that day.
There had never been any yowie sightings prior or after this incident by any residents in the area, as I have never seen or heard anything in the local media or from residents.





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