Location: Nowa Nowa, Victoria

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: Jan 2007

Witness: Ivy Solomon

Age Of Witness: 43



Weather Conditions At The Time Of Your Sighting: The Weather was a clear sky no rain insight. It was still daylight. It was the time when the bushfires were at Bruthen.

 It was not very tall but black hair or fur what ever you want to call it. It was Just walking on the road, not sure if it was crossing the road when it heard the car it turned around looked at us and then ran very fast into the bush.

We were driving down Rules Rd towards the Lake Tyres Aboriginal Trust near Nowa Nowa (which i have driven on for over 26 years), when we came around a bend of the onto a straight road and there it was plain as day standing in the middle of the road.





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