Location: Princess Highway / Warrnambool, Victoria.

Event: Roadside Yowie Sighting

Date: Nov 1997/98





It was around midnight, and I was driving alone on the Princess Highway travelling at around 100km/h.

The exact location escapes me but the sighting occurred between the two towns of Colac and Warrnambool. Suddenly I notice a dark figure in the distance progressing toward me on the shoulder of my side of the road.

 At first I thought it was a big dog, but as I zoomed past this thing, I could make out what looked like a 4ft dark hairy man.

It’s face was rather man like but covered in a shortish black/ brown hair, like a bear. It was just casually strolling down the road.

The whole experience was so quick I didn’t really have time to make out allot of detail, but I can say it looked somewhat surprised to see me. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it before.  






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