Location: Trentham, Victoria (Domino Trail)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 3rd June 2015

Time: 8.30am




Saw a tall dark figure walk across the Domino Trail about 3.5km south-west of Trentham heading towards Lyonville. It came up an embankment from the bush from the left, stood briefly in the middle of the trail while appearing look at me and my dog, then walked into the bush down the opposite embankment.

My dog was calm, but her hackles were up (which is unusual for her).


We walked to the second bridge from the Trentham side. It was a beautiful sunny day.


There was a rise on my left hand side. I looked up and saw a figure, clear as day. At first I thought it was a jogger who I had seen earlier, but it wasn’t. I looked again and thought oh that’s weird. It was all black, even the head of it.



Then it walked to the middle of the track before walking off into the bush to my right hand side. It was a bit hunched over and took large strides. The track was about 4 ½ metres wide and it only took it a couple of strides to get over it.


I noticed both the arms and legs were unusually long and it was all black from head to toe.






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