Location: Yarambulla, Victoria


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1991 






Mr. Beazley and 2 friends were spotlighting for Deer in the bottom ranges of Mt. Buffalo called Yarambulla. As they were driving a dirt track at 1am through a Pine Forest, they came to an open area.


Aiming the light across the field, they put the spotlight on a 7ft black/brown Yowie walking parallel to the car at a distance of roughly 80m.


Mr. Beazley said that the arms were swinging as it walked, and he noticed that the arms were very long, just below the knees. As it walked quickly through the long grass, they also noticed that the head was a cone shape at the top of the cranium. They kept driving and didn't return.


 After the event, he didn't like to talk about the sighting due to fear of ridicule, but said he felt at ease talking to the A.Y.R. Mr. Beazley said, "It's great to be able to talk to someone who understands what we saw that night, normally I just keep it to myself, but we know what we saw and that's all that matters".










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