Location: Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Dawn

Time: 1970




It was 1970, I was 18 years old and just out of High School. I was living on the edge of Sherbrooke Forest on Nation Road, which runs right next to the forest. A creek ran through the property I was leasing and we knew the girls next door, they were art teachers. There wasn’t many houses around at the time.


My experience was so over whelming, it was bordering on supernatural. What this creature demonstrated, was so overpowering there was no animal on earth that could have done what it did unless it was an elephant.


Everyone was scared of this forest because it was so foreboding. It was a dark place. I said that I was going to stay in the forest one night and see what happens out there at night, and people just laughed and said “He wont last”.


So I went in there one night, sat there and fought off the mosquitoes and sang little songs to myself. I watched packs of wild dogs chase wallaby’s through this clearing which was about half a mile from my house.


I sat under this big tree near a picnic area where people would come during the day. I dozed in and out of sleep, and at some stage in the morning, I started to hear this crashing coming through the forest, and I mean crashing, like a bull dozer coming though the forest and trees were being felled. Not small trees, I mean large trees, like someone has felled the trees with a chain saw and 2 or 3 ton of wood hit the ground with a thump on the other side of the clearing.


I was beside myself. I started walking up the track towards home. Then there was this sound. This sound went up and over the canopy, as a projection of sound. It was the sound was a weapon that was being projected through the canopy. This screech, it just got inside you. This was different to what I have heard other people talk about. This was a high pitched screech that was projected way and the point from where it came. It seemed to go up and over the canopy. It was a war cry. It was a purposeful way of causing panic.


I thought, this can’t be anything from this World.


I started to walk faster and it started to track me along the creek line which was on my right hand side, probably 50 – 70 metres away. I started to run and this thing jaunted along the creek line in time with me. I got out of the clearing at the end of the track on Nation Road, and got to the house which had a veranda. I stood there on the veranda looking into the forest and there it was, standing there on the edge of the tree line. It looked like an ancient something. It had a lot of the features that people describe, and this wasn’t one of the small ones, this was one of the big f*@%ers.


It had a of silver around the head, and the head was sort of domed. At first I thought it was a very big person wearing a grey fur hat, the rest of it was dark with silver tinges. It was standing about a width and a half of a dirt road away from me.


The most disturbing part about it, was that it was “PRESENTING ITSELF” to me.


It was eyeballing me.


It came there to present itself to me to and say: “I am the object of your fear. I am standing here, and if I want to, I could reach out and grab you and shake you up. I am in my forest, and you are in your house.”

I was transfixed oh his gaze. His gaze was talking to me. It was his way of communication.


I thought it was an ancient relic of human or aboriginal, because the ridges of the eyes were so big and black, it almost looked like the Lone Ranger, then with this silver and white hair contrast around it. Its nose was like an Aboriginal or Denisovan.


He was not hiding. He came there to show himself.


He was standing upright with its arms down beside, and motionless. It was hard to estimate the height because of the slope, but if I was to hazard a guess, I would say 7 – 8ft or possibly taller. The hair was 2 – 3”, brown with grey tips. I think it was really old, and a grumpy old fart. It was more humanoid than an ape like creature, despite those big deep set eyes. There was an intelligence in the face. I wasn’t looking at an animal. It had an intelligence similar to mine – but different. It wasn’t a human.


I don’t now whether I blinked or turned around, but then there was just nothing. Gone. No sound. No retreating sound. Like a ghost – which he wasn’t.


I never went back into that forest at night again.


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