Location: Roleystone, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 04/03/2017

Time: 2.30am

Weather: muggy, summer night conditions



Details of Sighting : My boyfriend and I had been sleeping all day so we were up late and I was sobbing due to losing my job and as I had calmed down, we turned all the lights off and our room was completely dark, no TV on or anything. Jordan (My boyfriend) was sitting up at the end of the bed looking out the window.

I should let you know first, Roleystone is a town up in the hills of Perth WA with very thick bush everywhere and everyone has a decent block of land with animals (dogs, cats etc) and on our street we have Orchids but they are booby trapped due to growing expensive fruits. But bushland everywhere.

Back to it. Jordan was looking out the window at about 2:30am and he saw something big and black about 7ft tall walking behind our neighbours fence. He sat up for so long I asked "Are you okay?" then he told me what he had just saw. He said it was fast and silent.

When we woke up this morning we told his mum about it and she said "I saw the same thing looking out my window, I shut my laptop and just stared at it for a while thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me, it didn't move when I was watching it though." After I had told her what we think it was she was just shocked thats what she was staring at, as for this family (And town) it hasn't been the first sighting.

When I had first met my boyfriend a year ago he had told me about a massive black thing with glowing green eyes that his family and neighbours had seen.

The first time I felt like I had seen it was when we were driving into the driveway late at night (about 12am) and there was something blacker than black standing behind Jordans Dads car and my gut sank.

My Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law were sitting out the front at about 10-11pm watching the bandicoots and just as Deb has looked up she has seen glowing green eyes and just as she was saying "What the F**k is that!" its eyes closed and it disappeared but they didn't hear any movement.

The most common thing said about the particular one is that is has glowing green eyes. Most neighbours have also said they thought it was a kangaroo or animal on all fours until they see it stand about 7ft-8ft tall.

We didn't find any footprints after our investigation this morning but we did find freshly broken sticks and our back gate was wide open with the rope taken off that keeps it shut, we have dogs so it is always checked.







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